Hoabinhtourist & Convention - Quality Makes Reputation

2:55:39 PM | 1/29/2015

With the core value “Quality makes reputation”, Hoabinhtourist & Convention (a member of Hoabinh Group) has determined to follow sustainable development strategy since its establishment. MICE industry is regarded as the core operation field; therefore, Hoabinhtourist & Convention has made a large investment on human resources and professional event equipments, contributing to develop the potential MICE industry in Vietnam. Here is an interview with Mr. Jackie Han, Deputy Director of Hoabinhtourist & Convention.
For over 10 years of operations, Hoabinhtourist & Convention (under Hoabinhgroup) has been the leading company in MICE industry. The company has gained partnership with government bodies, domestic and international organizations and enterprises. Hoabinhtourist & Convention organizes hundreds of events, conventions and large-scale events, with the average annual growth rate of 30%.
It’s so proud to reach such an impressive annual growth rate in global economical crisis, however, Hoabinhtourist & Convention seems to be quite reticent about its business, doesn’t it?
Previously, we did not appear frequently on mass media but we focused on our business. In that stage, we built our brand by providing prestigious services. However, it does not mean that our reputation was limited. For instance, most of the great events of government bodies and international organizations, from convention, tourism, event package services to separated services, were undertaken by Hoabinhtourist & Convention: Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS), International Conference on Midwives (ICM), Global Congress on Esperanto, Symposium on Diseases on Asian Aquaculture (DAA9), OIE Global Conference on Aquatic Animal Health,  International Workshop on Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology (IWANSN), IAOS Conference on Official Statistics, South China Sea Conference, Traffic Safety in Vietnam, Workshop on Implementing WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement in Vietnam, ASEAN International Conference Advances in Mining and Tunneling (ICAMT2014), Workshop on Tuberculosis Prevention, just to name a few. Hoabinhtourist & Convention owes its achievements to frequent equipment modernization and the joint effort of staffs constantly improving service qualities. 
However, at some certain stage of growth, just like other companies, we have to promote our brand externally, aiming at higher development goals. Hoabinhtourist & Convention needs a breakthrough in its business and investment. It is the stage that we brand our business to share experience, invest and cooperate with new international and domestic partners, expand our operations in tourism and other fields. In other words, Hoabinhtourist & Convention has reached a new stage of growth, to prove itself and diversify its services in MICE industry. We focus on investment and development, consider service quality as the core factor to determine our survival in business.
Is that the reason why Hoabinhtourist & Convention has close partnership with great organizations for its MICE tourism in Vietnam?
International and national events have strict requirements on service quality. At present, Hoabinhtourist & Convention partners with more than 50 government bodies, non-government organizations and companies such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Public Security, General Department of Vietnam Customs, European Chamber of Commerce, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ), Maritime Bank, Techcombank, Asia Commercial Bank, etc.We have gained the credit and long-term partnership with reputable organizations and companies to provide MICE package services as we could fulfill their requirements. We pay attention to details, for example, the air transfer staffs (Customer Service Department) should be trained and well-selected in terms of knowledge and communication, especially they should be proficient at English and hospitable to customers. The basic and compulsory element that we have to pay attention is technical factor. Our technical team graduate from international and domestic universities of technology, specializing in software and hardware and satisfying the strictest technical requirements. This is the first and foremost crucial factor contributing to the success of important events. Event equipments, audio visual equipments, interpretation equipments also play a significant role in event organization. Staff members of customer service department, technical management department, marketing department, transportation department, tourism department, hotel department, etc. usually join short-term and long-term training programs with different topics which match specific needs of each department. With careful selection and elimination, our staffs are always ready to serve customers and satisfy the strictest requirements. 
We regard human resource as the critical factor for growth. Therefore, since the foundation of the company, we have decided to build up a team with young, ambitious and willing-to-learn staffs.  Currently, Hoabinhtourist & Convention has about 80 staffs under 35 years old, graduated from domestic and international universities. Our staffs usually attend professional short-term and long-term training courses. We have elimination policy to ensure the quality of staffs and incentive program to reward for the competence and contribution of each staff. Every 6 months, Hoabinhtourist & Convention reviews the performance and contribution of each individual and considers rewarding and raising salary. For dedicated and proficient staffs, we retain them by any means with flexible incentive program, encourage them and create the best working conditions to utilize their talents. The salary and reward vary according to the qualification and the ability of each individual, which encourages them to learn and make contribution.
Apart from the effort to create an energetic and learning environment and good incentive policy, Hoabinhtourist & Convention invests in new technology, imports equipments from countries with developed MICE industry such as Singapore and Thailand. We provide service packages on MICE equipment rentals. Any types of event, convention, conference equipments can be found in Hoabinhtourist & Convention such as AV equipments Extron, Analog, Kramer, large venue projectors EPSON, PANASONIC, BARCO, large projection screens, rear projection screens, LED TV P7, P6, P5, P4, etc. We makes our customers feel that Hoabinhtourist & Convention has everything they need and we are ready to serve them everywhere at any time.
Could you please tell me about the visions of Hoabinhtourist & Convention?
MICE industry is quite new in Vietnam, so it is potential and attractive. Since the foundation of Hoabinhtourist & Convention, we have determined to be the pioneer in MICE industry not just in Vietnam but also in ASEAN region. To achieve that target, we should be different in business operation model, consolidate sustainable internal organization and gradually spread out our reputation. We strive to be the top leading company in MICE industry in Vietnam and in the region until 2020.  To do that, we concentrate on developing human resources, frequently reviewing performance and recruiting, investing on up-to-date equipments.