Peaceful Sky of Birds of Paradise Flower

Tall buildings have taken up the sky for birds and even brutally trimmed trees affect the habitats of the species. That is a reason why birds flock together to migrate to the mountains. Charmingly, many species of intelligent birds flock to Tra Su, an immense green forest, as an ideal place to settle down, flap their arrogant wings to keep their mission of beautifying life.

Forthcoming Events

From Popular to World-Class Tourism Destination

10:34:48 AM | 5/1/2021

In recent years, Viet Nam's tourism industry has seen conspicuous developments, while increasingly asserting its firm position in the world tourism map.

Fascinated with Tuc Dup Tourist Paradise

3:08:29 PM | 30/12/2020

Not only being a radiant pride in history, but Tuc Dup is also famous for its captivating art films because of the beauty of “marvelous mountains and elegant water”, charming and poetic natural scenery. Tuc Dup Hill is enthralling because it embraces a chain of the longest and most beautiful natural granite caves in Vietnam. It appeals to tourists far and wide for the majestic and magnificent beauty...

Accelerating Digital Transformation for Tourism Development in New Normal

10:01:57 AM | 28/12/2020

Due to the adverse impacts of Covid-19 on the economy and society, tourism authorities and travel businesses have increasingly recognized the importance of digital transformation. This is considered an inevitable trend, not only an effective recovery solution but also a helper for sustainable tourism development.

Unlocking Potential, Developing Tourism into Important Economic Sector

10:05:54 AM | 21/12/2020

The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vinh Long province has adopted many solutions to help tourism businesses affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. At the same time, the department has stepped up communications and promoted potential in order to call investment funding for tourism development in the coming time.

Gia Lai Tourism Development Potential and Solutions

2:04:34 PM | 17/12/2020

Gia Lai province in the North Central Highlands has a natural area of more than 1,551,098.63 ha and many majestic natural landscapes. In recent years, the province has boosted its tourism image through tourism fairs and mass media and, at the same time, hosted national cultural events, conferences and sports tournaments to draw domestic and foreign tourists.

Diversifying Tourism Products to Attract Tourists

10:29:07 AM | 16/12/2020

To realize the goal of welcoming and serving over 7 million tourists, making total revenue of about VND10 trillion by 2030 and becoming an attractive ecotourism destination, the tourism sector of Bac Ninh province has kept carrying out many practical solutions like diversifying tourism products and services.

Tourist Stimulus to Leverage Dong Thap Province’s Development

10:22:38 AM | 16/12/2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has “landed painful blows” on most economic activities and hurt many businesses. At present, the pandemic has been well placed under control, its consequences are still “threatening the existence” of many businesses. To overcome this hardship, they need a boost to transform themselves and return to the most powerful business race.

Ammunitions Museum at the Foot of the Sacred Hill

4:05:25 PM | 11/12/2020

This is the first time An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company to be presented ammunitions by the Army to display at the Tuc Dup Hill Relic where footprints of wartime revolutionary warriors fought and sacrificed for national independence and reunion.

Upland Geological Museum

10:13:43 AM | 7/12/2020

Before becoming a museum of mountain geography, Tuc Dup used to be placed under deadly fire and bombardment during the Resistance War against America. Like a never-dying fire phoenix, Tuc Dup is always glorious and magnificent. Today, the mysterious beauty of the US$2 million hill was also reconstructed by An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company to wear a new, splendid and beautiful cloak.

Branding – Launching Pad for Tien Giang Tourism

10:19:33 AM | 2/12/2020

"Tourism branding associated with a distinctive image bearing cultural identity of Tien Giang River is a priority task of the tourism industry," Mr. Vo Pham Tan, Deputy Director of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Tien Giang province, emphasized when talking about local tourism development orientation. Cong Luan report.