Yen Lu Industrial Park: New Destination for Investors

4:07:22 PM | 15/4/2024 | BAC GIANG

Bac Giang is a destination chosen by many domestic and foreign investors thanks to its locational advantages and its most opening and favorable investment policies.

Establishing Lang Son as Growth Pole, Economic Hub in Northern Midland and Mountainous Region

2:59:33 PM | 15/4/2024 | LANG SON

In line with the Provincial Planning recently ratified for the 2021-2030 period, and looking ahead to 2050, Lang Son is poised to emerge as a growth pole and economic hub in the northern midland and mountainous region.

Optimizing Legal and Regulatory Frameworks for Efficient Public Investment Disbursement

2:49:37 PM | 15/4/2024 | LANG SON

Public investment serves as an important engine for economic growth, yet the realization of plans is essential for this engine to fully harness its potential.

Advancing the Growth of Border Gate Economy

2:23:28 PM | 15/4/2024 | LANG SON

Lang Son province has determined that border gate economic development will create a driving force to promote local socioeconomic development. With consistent solutions, from planning and infrastructure construction to investment attraction, the province's border gate economic zone has increasingly demonstrated its role as an economic driver, fostering local growth.

Advancing Digital Transformation and Digital Economic Development

11:34:26 AM | 15/4/2024 | LANG SON

Drastically implemented digital transformation in Lang Son province has produced important results and helped build a foundation for continued digital transformation.

Positioning Industry as Cornerstone of Economic Development

11:23:08 AM | 15/4/2024 | LANG SON

With many consistent and drastic solutions launched by authorities and the effort of local companies, Lang Son province's industry has reaped many positive outcomes.

Advancing Lang Son Province's Image and Reputation Globally

9:20:14 AM | 15/4/2024 | LANG SON

In recent years, the province has made many important foreign affairs achievements to effectively contribute to the cause of national construction and development of the country.

Mobilizing Resources for Enhanced Regional Transport Connectivity

9:15:10 AM | 11/4/2024 | LANG SON

Transport infrastructure in Lang Son province has been constantly upgraded and gradually completed with a system of North-South expressways and traffic routes to border gates and remote areas in recent years.

Xuan Cuong Friendship Joint Stock Company: Building Solid Position

10:28:23 AM | 10/4/2024 | LANG SON

After nearly 20 years of construction and development, Xuan Cuong Friendship Joint Stock Company has become one of leading providers of logistics, warehousing and transportation services in northern Vietnam and one of the largest enterprises in Lang Son province.

Clearing Three Bottlenecks for Dak Nong’s Breakthrough Development

9:48:45 AM | 3/4/2024 | DAC NONG

At the conference announcing the Dak Nong Provincial Planning for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision to 2050, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang emphasized that Dak Nong province must address three critical “bottlenecks” to sustain future breakthrough development.