Improving Administration to Meet New Requirements and Tasks

10:10:20 AM | 21/9/2023 | AN GIANG

The An Giang Center for Environment and Resource Monitoring and Technique is a public non-business unit under the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. The center provides reliable monitoring and engineering consulting services in the fields of natural resources and environment.

Strengthening Capital Utilization Efficiency

10:04:51 AM | 21/9/2023 | AN GIANG

The An Giang Management Board of Construction Investment and Urban Development is affiliated with the An Giang Provincial People’s Committee, established under Decision 411/QD-UBND dated February 26, 2016. The board is tasked to invest and administer State-funded construction investment projects.

Troubleshooting for Investors

9:43:03 AM | 11/9/2023 | AN GIANG

An Giang province has been successful in attracting numerous investment projects, thanks to its attractive investment policy. However, the province is facing challenges due to the global economic slowdown and legal issues, which are causing hindrances and delays in many projects.

Developing Flexible, Modern, Sustainable and Integrated Labor Market

9:42:44 AM | 11/9/2023 | AN GIANG

By deeply understanding the views, goals, tasks, and solutions on labor market development outlined in Resolution 06/NQ-CP dated January 10, 2023 of the Government and implementing numerous practical solutions, An Giang has effectively achieved its labor market development goals and created a significant driving force for socioeconomic development.

Agriculture Sector Tackling Hurdles to Affirm Fundamental Role in the Economy

9:08:25 AM | 11/9/2023 | AN GIANG

Despite being negatively affected by global political turmoil and economic recession, unpredictable impacts of climate change, and risks of crop and livestock diseases, with its ongoing effort, the agricultural sector of An Giang province has still managed to grow and reaffirm its fundamental role in the economy.

Positive Industrial and Commercial Signals

9:06:25 AM | 11/9/2023 | AN GIANG

The socioeconomic performance of An Giang province in the first six months of 2023 was relatively stable, driven by positive manufacturing and business growth.

Harmonizing Economic Development and Environmental Protection

11:03:32 AM | 10/9/2023 | AN GIANG

The natural resources and environment sector of An Giang province has been continuously reforming its management and administration to ensure the harmonization of socioeconomic development with environmental resource protection, climate change adaptation, and green growth.

Boosting Investment Attraction and Business Support

10:57:05 AM | 10/9/2023 | AN GIANG

An Giang province has established itself as a destination for many domestic and foreign corporations, thanks to its highly appreciated investment environment.

Enhancing Financial and Budgetary Management

10:32:33 AM | 10/9/2023 | AN GIANG

The financial sector of An Giang province has been implementing consistent solutions to achieve the highest possible fiscal revenue target assigned by the Provincial People’s Council for 2023. Additionally, the sector has been managing budget expenditure in a strict, economical, and effective manner.

Administrative Reform Becoming More Effective and Substantive

10:18:41 AM | 10/9/2023 | AN GIANG

The administrative reform of An Giang province has produced remarkable, effective, and substantive outcomes, thanks to the high determination of the whole political system and especially the firm direction of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People’s Committee.