ANTESCO Providing Stable Jobs, Increasing Incomes for Farmers

6:12:19 AM | 19/8/2022 | AN GIANG

“Bringing a stable income for farmers and creating stable jobs for rural people” is the mission and goal of An Giang Fruit-Vegetables & Foodstuff Joint Stock Company (ANTESCO) during its 47-year development history, growing from a state-owned supplier of agricultural technical services to a giant producer and trader of fruits, vegetables and foodstuffs.

Mekong Delta Real Estate Market Vast Room for Growth

5:55:50 AM | 19/8/2022 | AN GIANG

With the current economic growth rate, the real estate in the Southwest region is entering the golden period with positive signals.

Building Modern Urban Area with Rich Identity

5:54:06 AM | 19/8/2022 | AN GIANG

Thanks to the efforts of the government and the companionship of businesses and investors, An Giang urban areas have made rapid development steps, thereby promoting the local socio-economic development and improving the quality of life.

Sam Mountain National Tourist Area Opportunity to Become National Cultural and Spiritual Tourism Center

5:47:39 AM | 19/8/2022 | AN GIANG

Coming to An Giang province today, visitors will be certainly surprised by the new look and prosperity of this land. An Giang today has risen to become a new tourism symbol of the Southwest region with many unique tourism products and many attractive tourist destinations, including Sam Mountain National Tourist Area baptized a tourism symbol of the Southwest bordering province.

Nam Mien Tay Real Estate Services Joint Stock Company High-valued Urban Projects Changing Local Look

5:03:37 AM | 19/8/2022 | AN GIANG

Not only stopping at distributing suitable real estate products to customers in Mekong Delta, Nam Mien Tay Real Estate Services Joint Stock Company is determined to carry its own mission of bringing high-valued urban projects to make the local look more beautiful and spacious. Minh Ngọc

Diversifying and Improving Tourism Product Quality

2:21:09 PM | 18/8/2022 | AN GIANG

Focusing on tourism infrastructure investment, diversification and tourism product improvement, the tourism sector of An Giang province has achieved optimistic strides to meet rising needs of tourists. Our reporter has an interview with Mr. Dao Si Tuan, Deputy Director of An Giang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, on these outcomes. Hương Sa reports.

Stabilizing the Labor Market, Promoting Production and Business

12:34:22 PM | 18/8/2022 | AN GIANG

In order to realize the goals of socio-economic development and attracting investment, An Giang province has constantly strived to build a skilled and professional workforce. Vietnam Business Forum reporter had a number of discussions with Mr. Chau Van Ly, Director of the Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs of An Giang province.

An Giang Agriculture Supporting Role of the Economy

11:50:48 AM | 18/8/2022 | AN GIANG

Agriculture continues to claim to be the backbone of the economy, especially in the context of economic fluctuations, epidemics and frequent natural disasters.

Sci-Tech - Driving Force for Socioeconomic Development

11:47:02 AM | 18/8/2022 | AN GIANG

An Giang province has made great strides in science and technology which has become a driving force and foundation for socioeconomic development.

Progress in Administrative Reform

11:37:17 AM | 18/8/2022 | AN GIANG

Overcoming difficulties and challenges, the Party, people and army of An Giang province have upheld the tradition of solidarity, dynamism and creativity to obtain many important achievements. In particular, the administrative reform has made much progress and supported economic, political, cultural and social development of the province.