An Giang: Giant “Buddhist Rock Hand” Come to View

9:48:33 AM | 5/5/2022 | AN GIANG

An Giang is already famous for mysterious legends. Buddhist Rock Hand, which is much talked about here and there is coming to view after a long time concealing in the majestic That Son Mountain Range. Legend has it that every wish incredibly comes true, the miraculous masterpiece of Mother Nature attracts many Buddhist followers and tourists far and wide to satisfy their sense of curiosity.

Tra Su “Grand Buffet” to Jubilantly Celebrate April Holiday

11:46:09 AM | 29/4/2022 | AN GIANG

Besides being a frontier trade gateway of the nation, possessing a charming landscape that captivates travelers and residents is an advantage for An Giang to unlock potential and develop tourism in a bid to become an ideal tourist destination in the Southwest.

MIF: Efforts to Bring Interns to Japan to Work

9:48:21 AM | 13/4/2022 | AN GIANG

After nearly two years of hibernation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, international flight routes have been reopened when restriction procedures and conditions were lifted, International Media & Finance Corporation (MIF), a member of Sao Mai Group, has promptly brought many interns to Japan to work.

“Golden Tourism Triangle” in An Giang

9:50:41 AM | 15/2/2022 | AN GIANG

Endowed with mysterious That Son Mountain Range, famous historical and cultural legacies and impressive check-in places, An Giang is an extremely attractive “coordinate” for tourists. This allure gradually “peaks” when tourists flock to the "golden tourism triangle" on the An Giang tourism map where tourists have the opportunity to experience a variety of tourism types while admiring magnificent natural masterpieces of the sunny and windy frontier land.

Tra Su Melaleuca Forest - World Class Tourism Destination

10:24:49 AM | 31/12/2021 | AN GIANG

Struggling with a busy and stuffy life and work, many people are now preferring a countryside hideaway for leisure and relaxation. Tra Su Melaleuca Forest, the immense green lung in the west of the Hau River, in the peaceful and enchanting upstream beauty, is a masterpiece of nature that will give you a magic-like immense feeling in the cool green charm.

Fascinated with Tuc Dup Tourist Paradise

3:08:29 PM | 30/12/2020 | AN GIANG

Not only being a radiant pride in history, but Tuc Dup is also famous for its captivating art films because of the beauty of “marvelous mountains and elegant water”, charming and poetic natural scenery. Tuc Dup Hill is enthralling because it embraces a chain of the longest and most beautiful natural granite caves in Vietnam. It appeals to tourists far and wide for the majestic and magnificent beauty...

Economic Restructuring Aligned with Growth Model Change

9:28:13 AM | 31/3/2020 | AN GIANG

In recent years, although the volatile world economy has exerted substantial impacts on socioeconomic targets of Vietnam in general and An Giang province in particular, with its determination to deal with difficulties and challenges, An Giang province achieved positive progress in socioeconomic situation in 2019.

An Giang Tourimex: Position as Prestigious Tourism Operator Affirmed

3:10:37 PM | 6/12/2018 | AN GIANG

An Giang Tourimex Joint Stock Company, founded in 1978, is the 16th member of Sao Mai Group and an official member of the Mekong Delta Tourism Association (MDTA). An Giang Tourimex specialises in inbound...

An Giang: Firm Steps to Industrialisation, Modernisation and International Economic Integration

3:45:44 PM | 21/11/2017 | AN GIANG

By bringing into full play the advantages of a dynamic quadrilateral in the Mekong Delta region, An Giang has continuously gained remarkable achievements in socio-economic development...

An Giang Cardiovascular Hospital: Medical Ethics & Quality of Treatment Highly Appreciated

3:35:19 PM | 21/11/2017 | AN GIANG

Established on November 18, 1991, An Giang Cardiovascular Hospital has now become the leading cardiovascular hospital in An Giang province...