Hung Yen Management Board of Industrial Parks Boosting Business Support

12:58:29 PM | 18/11/2020 | HUNG YEN

The Management Board of the Industrial Parks of Hung Yen province has managed to intensively support businesses to deal with emerging and existing obstacles in carrying out investment and doing business, thus gaining the trust of domestic and international investors.

Hung Yen Promotes Roles of Craft Villages in New Rural Development

10:35:11 AM | 21/5/2020 | HUNG YEN

Traditional craft villages in Hung Yen province are undergoing strong changes to catch up with economic integration trends, thus significantly helping raise people’s incomes and effectively spread the New Rural Development movement.

Hung Yen Resolutely Improves Business Environment

9:29:33 AM | 26/10/2018 | HUNG YEN

Hung Yen province is aggressively accelerating administrative procedure reform, enhancing the capacity and responsibility of public employees and gradually building a modern administration

Hung Yen Industrial Parks Further Perfecting Infrastructure to Woo Investors

9:18:45 AM | 26/10/2018 | HUNG YEN

To unlock its advantageous location, Hung Yen province is further perfecting technical infrastructure and drawing investment capital into industrial zones, with priority...

Thang Long IP II, Hung Yen Province Working Together to Support Businesses

4:43:13 PM | 5/8/2016 | HUNG YEN

Thang Long Industrial Park II (TLIPII), located in Hung Yen Province, has emerged as an attractive destination. It has always been exploring how to better support its tenants,...

Hung Yen Creates Open Business Environment

4:39:45 PM | 5/8/2016 | HUNG YEN

Although Hung Yen province has made great efforts to carry out mechanisms and policies to attract investment and facilitate businesses, its PCI, PAPI and PAR index rankings are still quite modest...

BUV - Luminary Investors in Hung Yen

3:31:21 PM | 1/8/2016 | HUNG YEN

British University Vietnam (BUV) is an international university, with a campus in Hanoi and a new campus located in Ecopark Township, Hung Yen province...

Sumiden Vietnam Automotive Wire Co., Ltd - Hung Yen Branch: Withstanding and Developing in Tough Time

5:30:59 PM | 8/5/2013 | HUNG YEN

Sumiden Vietnam Automotive Wire Co., Ltd - Hung Yen Branch is a wholly invested unit of Japanese Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd (SWS). The US$14.5 million factory is located on 2.37 ha in Thang Long Industrial Park 2 in Hung Yen province...

Hung Yen Tourism: Potentials and Challenges

5:30:00 PM | 8/5/2013 | HUNG YEN

Hung Yen province is rich in cultural and historical values, featured by Pho Hien Township, Da Hoa Temple and Da Trach Lake. The province is now focusing to develop some tourism forms like historical and cultural sites, folk festival tourism...

Hung Yen Focusing on Business, Entrepreneur Development

5:27:36 PM | 8/5/2013 | HUNG YEN

Situated in the heart of the Red River Delta, Hung Yen province was re-established in January 1997 after the division of Hai Hung province...

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