Working together with Investors for a Prosperous Gia Lai

10:44:44 AM | 18/12/2020 | GIA LAI

Gia Lai province always accompanies investors for joint development and prosperity, said Mr. Vo Ngoc Thanh, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, in an interview granted to Vietnam Business Forum. He said the provincial government and all concerned authorities always accompany, support and facilitate investors to make investment and develop business operations by tapping local potential resources. Quoc Hung reports.

Gia Lai - Hub of Renewable Energy in Central Highlands

10:43:39 AM | 18/12/2020 | GIA LAI

Favorable natural conditions and a vast land area enable Gia Lai province to quickly become one of leading producers of renewable energy, with wind power, solar power and biomass power.

Leading Light in Investment Attraction

10:41:34 AM | 18/12/2020 | GIA LAI

Gia Lai province has adopted various approaches to attract investment sources for different sectors like high-tech agriculture, downstream agricultural processing, solar power, wind power and biomass power.

Efforts for Better Business and Investment Environment

10:37:15 AM | 18/12/2020 | GIA LAI

In recent years, the Government introduced many action programs on improving the business environment, notably Resolution 19 and Resolution 02. To carry out these policies, Gia Lai province determined that reforming administrative procedures and enhancing the business environment are among key and prioritized tasks.

Gia Lai toward Rapid, Sustainable Development and Rich Identity

2:09:58 PM | 17/12/2020 | GIA LAI

This is one of the most notable contents in the Resolution of the 16th Gia Lai Provincial Party Congress. Specifically, the resolution aims to tap local potential, advantages and resources to build Gia Lai into a province of rapid, sustainable development and rich identity to become a driving force in the Central Highlands by 2030.

Applying Science and Technology to Increase Income and Improve People's Life

2:07:29 PM | 17/12/2020 | GIA LAI

After determining that the research and application of scientific and technical advances and technology transfer in production and life are key tasks, over the past years, Gia Lai province has had many policies to promote these and has achieved many results.

Mang Yang Rubber Company: Great Effort to Revive Poor Land

2:05:59 PM | 17/12/2020 | GIA LAI

Mang Yang Rubber Company was established in 1984 according to a policy on westward expansion to reclaim and revive the war-torn land. After nearly 37 years of construction and development, by promoting the spirit of employee solidarity and creativity, the company has overcome difficulties and become an outstanding enterprise that makes great contributions to local economic, political and social development.

Gia Lai Tourism Development Potential and Solutions

2:04:34 PM | 17/12/2020 | GIA LAI

Gia Lai province in the North Central Highlands has a natural area of more than 1,551,098.63 ha and many majestic natural landscapes. In recent years, the province has boosted its tourism image through tourism fairs and mass media and, at the same time, hosted national cultural events, conferences and sports tournaments to draw domestic and foreign tourists.

Mang Yang Rubber: 36 Years of Development

11:06:27 AM | 8/1/2020 | GIA LAI

Based in a sunny mountainous area where soil is not actually good for rubber tree yield, Mang Yang Rubber Company has upheld the solidarity of all the staff and addressed difficulties to successfully complete production and business targets in the past 36 years.

Investment Flows Create New Resources

10:29:33 AM | 7/1/2020 | GIA LAI

Over the past five years, despite facing numerous difficulties and challenges, Gia Lai province is still one of economic high performers with an average annual GDP growth of more than 7%, a budget revenue of over VND3,541 billion, 11.2% higher than the estimation.