Gov’t Proposes Further Environmental Protection Tax Cut on Gasoline

The Government is set to submit a new proposal on environmental tax cut on gasoline to the National Assembly Standing Committee on July 4 in a bid to help ease inflationary pressure.

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VCCI to Chair Third ABAC Meeting in 2022


Hạ Long, Quảng Ninh

IT Application to All Customs Statistics

9:36:11 AM | 7/4/2022

By accelerating information technology application to customs statistics, Vietnam is considered to be among the Top 4 ASEAN countries in export and import statistics. According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, 100% of customs statistics, from the collection, processing, and analysis to reporting and dissemination, have been applied information technology.

Ha Nam Ninh Customs Fulfils 61.08% of Full-year Target

9:35:16 AM | 7/4/2022

The department raked in net budget revenue of more than VND3,970.34 billion (after refunding tax on imported automobile components, and overpaid tax) in the year to mid-June 2022, fulfilling nearly 61.08% of the target assigned by the General Department of Customs.

Hanoi's Import-Export Value Soars Sharply

9:33:49 AM | 7/4/2022

The total import and export value traded via the Hanoi Customs Department reached US$37.24 billion in the first half of 2022 (to June 15), up 31.3% year on year.

Top Solutions to Promote Logistics Services Development

10:04:05 AM | 7/1/2022

Logistics activities in Vietnam play a key role in import and export growth and are also an important link in the global supply chain. Maintaining stability and becoming a strong link require multiple factors, especially in the context of natural disasters, unpredictable maritime incidents, and the on-going pandemic in Vietnam and many other countries.

Status and Potential of Vietnam's Seaport Operations

10:02:36 AM | 7/1/2022

After two decades of planned seaport development, Vietnam has housed 34 seaports and 296 wharves in commercial operation with a total length of 96 km and a throughput capacity of 750 million tons a year.

Likely Trend for Long-term Stock Growth

9:26:27 AM | 6/30/2022

According to experts, the stock market will continue to witness transformational changes as the world is gradually shifting to a new trend of globalization weighed by more regionality and stronger protectionism. The world will see the biggest restructuring of capital flow allocation order in decades. At that time, countries with stable political backgrounds and great growth potential like Vietnam will have more opportunities for development.

Digital Banking Ecosystem: Long-Term Development Approach

9:23:29 AM | 6/30/2022

Currently, digital banking not only includes digitized banking services but also a digital ecosystem including hundreds of linked products and services, bringing maximum benefits to users. Building and developing a diversified, and secure digital ecosystem is the choice of many banks.

Vietnam Logistics Enterprises Weathering the Storm for Rapid and Sustainable Development

9:21:07 AM | 6/30/2022

The COVID-19 pandemic as well as the tensions of the Russia-Ukraine conflict have caused countless disruptions to the supply chain of raw materials for production and delivery and put pressure on logistics businesses in the context of rapid change with many emerging trends such as sustainable development, automation in production, artificial intelligence or free trade agreements.

RCEP Helps Vietnam’s Businesses Reach Diverse Customers across Asia-Pacific

9:28:56 AM | 6/29/2022

Opportunities from the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) will be foundational and motivational for Vietnam to boost exports to 15 countries.

Logistics Human Resource Development - Key to Service Competitiveness Improvement

9:27:55 AM | 6/29/2022

To overcome the inadequacies and create more favorable conditions for logistics human resource development in general and logistics training in particular, the Minister of Home Affairs issued Decision 568/QD-BNV dated April 30, 2021 allowing the establishment of the Vietnam Association for Logistics Manpower Development.