Efforts for More Rapid National Digital Transformation

After the kickstart period, national digital transformation will be accelerated with specific actions and solutions for each ministry, sector, field and locality in 2022 and beyond, according to experts. Our reporter has an interview with Mr. Do Cong Anh, Director of the Authority of Information Technology Application (AITA) under the Ministry of Information and Communications. Thu Ha reports.

Intellectual Property Promotion Strengthening National Competitiveness

9:52:23 AM | 1/19/2022

Intellectual property (IP) is very important to enterprises in modern production and deep integration today. Their production and business activities more or less relate to IP, but many do not fully understand or care about this issue.

Facilitating Logistics for Economic Development

11:06:51 AM | 1/18/2022

The logistics service industry is likened to the “blood vessels” of the national economy that support, connect and promote socioeconomic development and enhance competitiveness. This sector has high potential for generating a lot of added value.

Vietnam Real Estate Still Attractive to Foreign Investors

11:05:17 AM | 1/18/2022

In 2021, COVID-19 epidemic outbreaks caused considerable impacts on the real estate market across the country. After each occurrence, the property market often oscillated strongly to paint a very colorful picture.

Building Digitally Powered Countryside

8:23:03 AM | 1/17/2022

Digital transformation is a new content of the National Target Program on New Rural Development. This technology solution is aimed at building a smart countryside in Vietnam to improve quality, efficiency and sustainability criteria. Smart countryside will include smart government, smart people and smart behaviors.

Socioeconomic Development and Recovery Program Ratified

10:04:33 AM | 1/14/2022

The extraordinary session of the National Assembly of Vietnam adopted the Resolution on fiscal and monetary policies to support the Socioeconomic Recovery and Development Program, with 424 votes of aye out of 426 deputies.

Joint Efforts to Support Businesses to Surmount Difficulties

10:02:45 AM | 1/14/2022

The General Department of Taxation and the General Department of Customs have continuously given solutions to create the most favorable business conditions, namely extending payment of VAT, CIT, reducing the collection rate of more than 30% of fees for businesses, supporting urgent customs clearance for aid items serving pandemic prevention and control in Vietnam. These solutions have marked the outstanding efforts of the two sectors to fulfill the "dual goals" in 2021.

Agribank and FWD Vietnam Announce Bancassurance Partnership

9:00:42 PM | 1/13/2022

Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development ("Agribank") and FWD Vietnam Life Insurance Company Limited ("FWD") on January 12 launched a new bancassurance partnership, designed to better meet the financial and insurance needs of Vietnamese people.

Trade Value Up Nearly 23% to Hit Record of Approximately US$670 Bln

9:47:20 AM | 1/13/2022

“Export and import turnover reached a record of nearly US$670 billion, up approximately 23% compared to the previous year, becoming a bright spot of the economy and putting Vietnam in the group of 20 leading economies in terms of international trade. The country enjoyed spectacular growth in exports, increasing by over 19%, maintaining the trade surplus for the sixth consecutive year with a surplus of over US$4 billion," said Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien.

Omnichannel Commerce - Indispensable Part of All Business Strategies

9:45:37 AM | 1/13/2022

Omnichannel commerce is an omnichannel approach to marketing, retailing and customer service in a way that creates integrated experiences for customers regardless of where, when, and what channels they are using. Integrating outstanding advantages, omnichannel commerce quickly becomes a prominent marketing trend trusted by many businesses to bring the best experiences to customers.

Tapping FTAs for Export Acceleration

12:18:39 PM | 1/12/2022

Deep integration into the world economy and the effect of free trade agreements (FTAs) have created new momentum, opened up vast cooperation opportunities, and helped promote trade and investment connectivity for the business community.