Yen Bai Industrial Zones Authority Making Best Preparation for New Investment Flow

To make breakthroughs in investment attraction into industrial zones, Yen Bai Industrial Zones Authority has adopted many solutions to improve the business investment environment and provide the most convenient conditions for businesses.

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Resolute to Enhance Competitiveness, Spur Investment Attraction

10:15:34 AM | 5/4/2021

Yen Bai province has created an open and attractive business environment and is willing to provide timely support for businesses and investors, said Mr. Doan Huu Phung, Director of the Yen Bai Department of Planning and Investment in an interview with Vietnam Business Forum.

FDI Inflows Reach over US$10 Bln in Jan-Mar Period

9:44:49 AM | 29/3/2021

 As of March 20, foreign direct investment capital inflows to Viet Nam increased by 18.5% to US$10.13 billion, according to the Foreign Investment Agency (FIA) under the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

More Impetus to Attract Investment

10:54:35 AM | 24/3/2021

Along with the participation and synchronous implementation of solutions to improve competitiveness and business environment, Phu Tho province also has made many innovative efforts in promoting and attracting investment, focusing on promotion in the locality to create new impetus for attracting resources for investment and development.

Opening Doors to Welcome Investors

10:47:28 AM | 24/3/2021

With available grounds, completed infrastructure, attractive incentives and enthusiastic support, industrial parks (IPs) of Phu Tho province are now ready to accommodate investors, said Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hanh, Director of Phu Tho IPs Authority with Vietnam Business Forum.

Converging Advantages to Attract Investors

10:58:21 AM | 15/3/2021

Not only enabling inclusive economic development with its own advantages, Ninh Thuan always puts the interests of enterprises on top. With the spirit of “stronger self-reliance”, Ninh Thuan is making important breakthroughs, making efforts with investors to overcome difficulties, especially since the COVID-19 epidemic outbreak from late 2019.

Thanh Hoa: Investment Flows Increasingly Productive

10:10:15 AM | 11/3/2021

In 2016 - 2020, Thanh Hoa attracted 1,131 direct investment projects, more than twice that of 2011-2015, including 1,054 domestic direct investment (DDI) projects with a total registered capital of VND118.06 trillion and foreign direct investment (FDI) with US$3.74 billion (22.6% more of the registered fund over 2011 - 2015).

Flexibly Meeting Needs of Japanese Investors

11:39:06 AM | 5/3/2021

Japanese companies tend to expand their investment and build more business bases in Vietnam although they may face a lot of difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, their investment needs have changed a lot, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.

FDI Attraction: Positive Signals for 2021

10:59:29 AM | 4/3/2021

Despite complicated COVID-19 pandemic developments, many large-scale FDI projects arrived in Vietnam in early 2021. Vietnam is increasingly becoming a bright candidate for transition of the value chain in Asia and a really bright actor of the regional economy.

Hung Yen Investment Attraction: Strong Growth in Both Quantity and Quality

11:26:28 AM | 3/3/2021

During the term 2015-2020 and especially in 2020, despite many difficulties and challenges due to the impact of the Covid-19, Hung Yen's investment attraction still grew strongly in both quantity and quality with many big projects promoting socio-economic development of the province.

Hung Yen Industrial Zones Authority: In Close Partnership with Businesses

10:21:05 AM | 1/3/2021

Hung Yen province-based industrial zones are being expanded and chosen by companies. With the spirit of opening cooperation, Hung Yen Industrial Zones Authority always accompanies and supports investors to carry out and operate their projects, said Mr. Pham Truong Tam, Director of Hung Yen Industrial Zones Authority, in an interview granted to Vietnam Business Forum’s reporter.