Efforts to Protect and Enhance the “Green Pearl of Cat Ba”

10:21:13 AM | 21/6/2024 | HAI PHONG

By becoming a part of the Ha Long Bay - Cat Ba Archipelago World Natural Heritage, Cat Ba National Park has entered a new phase with heavier but more important tasks to preserve heritage values for the country and humanity.

Cultivating Culture as Catalyst for Sustainable Development

9:09:00 AM | 19/6/2024 | HAI PHONG

In addition to providing right advice for Party committees and authorities at all levels on cultural policies and directions in a timely manner, the Department of Culture and Sports of Hai Phong City has focused on propagating and engaging the entire political system, people from all walks of life and social resources to truly make the culture a driving force for the sustainable development.

Hai Phong Logistics Association Pioneer in Creating Carbon Credits

9:07:54 AM | 19/6/2024 | HAI PHONG

Transforming operating methods and means to ensure sustainable development and move towards net zero carbon emissions by 2050, or even earlier upon the request of customers, is the goal that Hai Phong Logistics Association (HPLA) is actively working with many different plans to achieve, including the "Linking forest-based carbon credit source development" plan.

Hai Phong Strives to Welcome 9.1 Million Tourists by 2024

10:04:59 AM | 18/6/2024 | HAI PHONG

With maritime tourism advantages, Cat Ba Archipelago, international airports, natural heritages, historical relics, hotel systems, resorts, restaurants and golf courses, Hai Phong City has increasingly affirmed its status as an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

Economic Zone Authority Driving Force for Sustainable Growth of Hai Phong City

9:29:42 AM | 18/6/2024 | HAI PHONG

Amid slowing global and domestic economies, industrial zones (IZs) and economic zones (EZs) in Hai Phong City have made great efforts to realize many solutions to achieve impressive investment attraction results.

Attracting Investment Based on Triad of Economic Pillars

9:17:48 AM | 18/6/2024 | HAI PHONG

Foreign direct investment (FDI) into Hai Phong City exceeded US$2.5 billion in the last three years (2021-2023). The breakthrough progress in improving the investment environment and effectively applying specific administrative mechanisms has created a huge advantage for the city in the race for FDI flows.

Effective Social Housing Development from Resolution to Action

9:17:45 AM | 18/6/2024 | HAI PHONG

Hai Phong is one of the leaders of social housing construction in Vietnam. The city is resolved to build 42,500 social housing units by 2030, exceeding the target of 33,500 units assigned by the Government. In addition, Hai Phong aims to ensure the usable scale, synchronous and comfortable living space and affordability of social housing development.

Elevating Vocational Education Standards

8:55:16 AM | 18/6/2024 | HAI PHONG

Determining that the quality of human resources is an important factor in economic development and investment attraction, the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Hai Phong City has promoted vocational education programs, aligned training with social needs, and increased the rate of trained workers.

Hai Phong strives to Lead in Digital Transformation

8:42:24 AM | 18/6/2024 | HAI PHONG

Digital transformation is believed to leverage and create a solid foundation for Hai Phong City to become a modern, civilized, sustainable and developed industrial city of Southeast Asian class by 2030, as per Resolution 45-NQ/TW of the Politburo.

Digital Transformation Propelling Administrative Reform Forward

8:25:20 AM | 18/6/2024 | HAI PHONG

Hai Phong City is consistently carrying out administrative reform contents. The city particularly regards digital transformation as a key solution with direct impacts on the formation of a transparent, effective and efficient administration and the quick improvement of the investment and business environment, helping it enhance the quality of economic management of the municipal government.