Tay Ninh Rural Areas: Toward Desirable Places for Residency

3:03:02 PM | 15/11/2023 | TAY NINH

Through a systematic approach of progressively enhancing social and economic infrastructure, Tay Ninh province has adeptly employed government support mechanisms and policies, while also harnessing community engagement and contributions to transform rural landscapes, foster economic growth, and enhance the well-being of its residents.

Information and Communication Sector Impressive Connectivity

8:39:04 AM | 5/6/2023 | TAY NINH

Over the past time, the information and communication sector of Tay Ninh province has constantly reformed its activities, successfully obtained its goals, and importantly contributed to local socioeconomic development.

Tay Ninh Industry and Trade Gradual Recovery and Growth

8:30:41 AM | 5/6/2023 | TAY NINH

In 2023, Tay Ninh province started its socio-economic development amid complicated global and domestic economic development, with opportunities and challenges coming together. With their efforts, local companies have gradually regained growth momentum, driven by positive industrial recovery.

Tay Ninh, Binh Duong Join Hands for Socioeconomic Development

8:28:44 AM | 5/6/2023 | TAY NINH

The Tay Ninh People's Committee and the Binh Duong People's Committee recently signed a cooperation program for socioeconomic development in 2023 - 2025.

Fostering High-Tech Agricultural Development

11:01:58 AM | 2/6/2023 | TAY NINH

High-tech agricultural development is a vital trend to create new breakthroughs to improve competitiveness and an important step in the socioeconomic development strategy of Tay Ninh province.

Construction Sector: Careful Preparations to Capture Opportunities

10:58:47 AM | 2/6/2023 | TAY NINH

“The sustainable development of a region and a country is always associated with good infrastructure for development. Bearing huge responsibility, we have kept strengthening our companionship with and support for businesses in the process of value creation," said Mr. Nguyen Nam Hung, Director of the Tay Ninh Department of Construction.

Investing More in Regional Transport System

10:49:38 AM | 2/6/2023 | TAY NINH

Knowing that transportation actively helps the country's growth, Tay Ninh province is resolved to increase the investment fund for regional and inter-regional transport systems to create a foundation to accelerate local socioeconomic development in recent years.

Tay Ninh Industrial and Economic Zones: Available Land for New Investors

3:10:35 PM | 1/6/2023 | TAY NINH

At the back of the COVID-19 epidemic, investment attraction into industrial zones and economic zones in Tay Ninh province has made much progress, especially foreign direct investment (FDI).

Attractive Tourist Attractions in Tay Ninh

3:43:33 PM | 31/5/2023 | TAY NINH

Dau Tieng Lake is the largest artificial lake in Vietnam, blessed with a charming landscape and a unique ecosystem. Covering more than 27,000 ha, the lake creates an eye-catching natural picture. Due to its large area, Dau Tieng Lake is also known as “Sea-like Lake” of Tay Ninh.

Saigon VRG: Prestigious Brand Builds on Success

3:34:12 PM | 31/5/2023 | TAY NINH

Saigon VRG has continuously increased its revenue and profit in the past years. Determined to become a leading industrial real estate developer in Vietnam, Saigon VRG is striving to create a sustainable business foothold as a reliable partner for customers.