Information and Communication Sector Impressive Connectivity

8:39:04 AM | 5/6/2023

Over the past time, the information and communication sector of Tay Ninh province has constantly reformed its activities, successfully obtained its goals, and importantly contributed to local socioeconomic development. In particular, the sector always strives to well play its role as a communication bridge for people and authorities.

Proud achievements

In 2022, the information and communication sector effectively accelerated digital transformation in a bid to develop digital government, digital economy and digital society in the province. Communication and press continued to affirm their important role in honestly and comprehensively reflecting political, economic and social life, creating public consensus and building spiritual strength, especially when the province focused on executing many large projects that laid the infrastructure foundation for breakthrough development.

In recent years, the sector has focused on developing telecom and information technology (IT) infrastructure. “Currently, five telecom companies are present in the province. They have invested a lot in modernizing technology, expanding fiber optic cable and mobile wave networks to remote and border areas and building telecommunications infrastructure into digital infrastructure for the province's digital transformation program in the future," said Mr. Nguyen Tan Duc, Director of the Tay Ninh Department of Information and Communications.

Furthermore, the province's Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) system has worked stably, integrated and provided socioeconomic data and sector data for the provincial administration. In the second quarter of 2023, the province will integrate more data from departments and sectors. The Provincial People's Committee also issued Decision 2087/QD-UBND on ratification of the pilot program on digital transformation and construction of Hoa Thanh Town into a smart city in 2022 - 2025, with a vision to 2030. Currently, Hoa Thanh Town is carrying out program tasks, including the construction of an IOC center that will be connected to the provincial IOC center.

In addition, the Government is radically pushing digital transformation in a bid to accelerate administrative reform, move towards e-government, digital society and digital economy and build digital government. In order to concretize tasks and solutions designed to achieve goals of Resolution 02, the information and communication sector advised the provincial government to issue Decision 713/QD-UBND and Plan 3892/KH-UBND and identify and launch many tasks and solutions to realize the goal of making Tay Ninh province a good performer of digital transformation by 2025. To date, the province has achieved many outstanding results: Integrating the Public Service Portal with the electronic single-window system to form a centralized administrative procedure settlement information system uniformly deployed from the provincial level to the communal level; integrating the electronic document management and administration system (Egov) with digital signatures used with mobile SIM and deployed across the political system. The province has also been successful in deploying Tay Ninh Smart application which is used by the government, citizens and businesses or building a trial version of "Tay Ninh Smart" Mini App on Zalo platform.

Actively helping raise PCI

Provincial leaders are very eager to improve the investment environment, Duc said, adding that initial outcomes have been achieved. However, relevant agencies, branches and localities need to participate more drastically and effectively in implementing Project on "Tasks and solutions to improve scores and rankings of PCI, PAPI, PAR INDEX, SIPAS and ICT indices of Tay Ninh province in 2021 - 2025” as per Decision 1364/QD-UBND.

“To improve the PCI Index, from the perspective of the information and communication sector, we have been carrying out some tasks and solutions: Actively monitoring and urging relevant agencies and localities to effectively execute solutions stated in Plan 3892/KH-UBND on Tay Ninh digital transformation promotion and improvement to 2025; Upgrading the province's centralized administrative procedure settlement portal by simplifying, easing and updating existing information on electronic forms (E-forms) to help businesses easily register and use online public services; Advising the Provincial People's Committee to issue a list of open data of the government; Advising on the construction of an information system aimed to support investors to study the province's investment projects; and completing the system of receiving and analyzing daily feedback of people and businesses to administrative agencies at all levels," he added.

By Cong Luan, Vietnam Business Forum