Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa Sea Festival 2019 to Feature Nearly 50 Activities

10:25:24 AM | 14/3/2019 | KHANH HOA

The 2019 Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa Sea Festival will take place from May 10-13, featuring nearly 50 cultural, art, sporting and trade activities as well as scientific seminars.

Khanh Hoa Shaping Dynamic, Effective Economy

4:30:36 PM | 17/5/2018 | KHANH HOA

Khanh Hoa is a southern central coast province that faces the vast ocean. It has a lot of famous historical and cultural relics and picturesque landscapes, and has a well-trained workforce

Khanh Hoa - Investors’ Choice

4:26:53 PM | 17/5/2018 | KHANH HOA

Investment attraction has considerably progressed in Khanh Hoa province because the locality always has effective, innovative ways to promote and attract investment...

Khanh Hoa Tourism: More Miracles Are Coming

6:14:51 PM | 16/5/2018 | KHANH HOA

When Nguyen Tat Thanh coastal road to Nha Trang - Da Lat Highway is put into traffic and the international passenger terminal at Cam Ranh International Airport is put into operation

Khanh Hoa Customs Accelerating Reform and Modernisation

6:11:59 PM | 5/5/2017 | KHANH HOA

Khanh Hoa province's economy has developed strongly over the past years. The robust growth of commodity trading, particularly increasing imports and exports, has placed greater efforts...

Khanh Hoa Targets to Welcome 5.5 Million Visitors in 2017

6:10:44 PM | 5/5/2017 | KHANH HOA

Over the past years, despite the adverse impacts of the world's unstable situation, with the advantage of natural conditions and the right orientations of the province,...

The Unique Tourism Potential of Khanh Hoa

11:13:17 AM | 4/5/2017 | KHANH HOA

As a coastal province of South Central Vietnam, Khanh Hoa has a 385km coastline with nearly 200 large and small islands along the coast and over 100 islands and reefs of the Spratly Islands...

HUD Nha Trang Making Great Strides in Khanh Hoa Real Estate Industry

10:54:51 AM | 4/5/2017 | KHANH HOA

Real estate is heating up in coastal Nha Trang City, particularly land for building low-rise houses, apartments in new urban areas or vacation property...

Entrepreneur Johnathan Hanh Nguyen: Khanh Hoa-born Expatriate

10:53:04 AM | 4/5/2017 | KHANH HOA

“Having visited and lived in many places in the world, I just know that no other place is better than the fatherland. Wherever I go and whatever I do, I always want...

SUDAZI: Determined to Go with Khanh Hoa on Industrialisation and Modernisation Process

4:09:26 PM | 3/5/2017 | KHANH HOA

Suoi Dau Industrial Zone Joint Stock Company (SUDAZI), set up 20 years ago, always sticks to its core values of upholding the trust of customers and has now become a powerful industrial park...

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