Leveraging Sci & Tech for Socioeconomic Development

8:35:45 AM | 4/12/2023 | TUYEN QUANG

Tuyen Quang province with support from the Ministry of Science and Technology has fortified scientific and technological research, development and application. This strategic alignment with local socioeconomic development objectives has resulted in breakthroughs, enhancing the economy's productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness.

Priorities to Processing and Supporting Industries

8:34:44 AM | 4/12/2023 | TUYEN QUANG

Tuyen Quang province has witnessed a consistent rise in the number of industrial processing and supporting investment projects, contributing significantly to the augmentation of industrial production value and local employment opportunities.

Uniting Businesses to Enhance Vocational Training and Employment

8:09:08 AM | 4/12/2023 | TUYEN QUANG

The labor, invalids, and social affairs sector of Tuyen Quang province has recently implemented a range of measures to enhance the impact of training and employment, align labor supply with demand, and contribute to the development of human resources for socioeconomic progress.

Tuyen Quang Business Association: Facilitating Business-Government Collaboration

8:51:14 AM | 3/12/2023 | TUYEN QUANG

As a social professional organization representing the provincial business community, the Tuyen Quang Business Association has solidified its standing as a pivotal bridge between businesses and government entities at all levels.

Synchronously Deploying Foreign Policies, Promoting International Integration

8:27:25 AM | 3/12/2023 | TUYEN QUANG

Meticulously aligning with and adeptly applying the Party's foreign policy, Tuyen Quang province has achieved commendable outcomes in foreign affairs, intricately linked with local socio-economic development objectives.

Advancing Efficient and Targeted Investment Promotion

8:25:20 AM | 3/12/2023 | TUYEN QUANG

The Tuyen Quang Investment Promotion Center, mandated with specific functions and tasks, has proactively engaged with enterprises and investors, showcasing the province's potential, strengths, opportunities and investment policies.

New Rural Development in Poor Commune

8:08:36 AM | 22/9/2021 | TUYEN QUANG

Phu Thinh, which was previously a poor commune of Yen Son district, Tuyen Quang province, is now rising strongly to realize the goal of new countryside development.

Tuyen Quang Working out Business Environment Improvement Solutions

1:58:07 PM | 4/10/2016 | TUYEN QUANG

To create a new impetus to draw more investment capital in the 2016 - 2020 period, the Tuyen Quang provincial government has carried out various measures to speed up public administration reform...

Tuyen Quang Investment Promotion Centre: Focal Point for Investment Promotion

1:56:06 PM | 4/10/2016 | TUYEN QUANG

Tuyen Quang Investment Promotion Centre, founded in 2015, has quickly completed its personnel and operating apparatus to give advice to the Provincial People’s Committee...

Tuyen Quang Environmental Services and Urban Management JSC: Silently Prettifying Life

3:00:09 PM | 13/3/2015 | TUYEN QUANG

Tuyen Quang is increasingly known as a modern, green, clean and beautiful city by domestic and international friends. The honourable image is significantly contributed...