Leveraging Sci & Tech for Socioeconomic Development

8:35:45 AM | 4/12/2023

Tuyen Quang province with support from the Ministry of Science and Technology has fortified scientific and technological research, development and application. This strategic alignment with local socioeconomic development objectives has resulted in breakthroughs, enhancing the economy's productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness.

From 2020 to 2023, the province has executed 106 scientific and technological initiatives at national, ministerial and provincial levels. These endeavors, comprising 89 provincial projects, three national initiatives, and 11 ministerial projects, are strategically focused on integrating scientific and technological advancements into production, fostering socioeconomic development, and promoting new rural development. Simultaneously, the province conducted comprehensive assessments to furnish insights and scientific rationale for the formulation of resolutions, programs, plans and strategies at various administrative levels.

The province has successfully implemented and applied various scientific and technological projects and topics, such as the development of new orange varieties for Ham Yen district launched by Ham Yen Fruit Tree Center; the cultivation of specialty tea varieties in Khuoi Phay village implemented by Song Lo Tea Joint Stock Company, and the application of artificial insemination technology to buffalo launched by the Institute of Animal Husbandry, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The province has also fostered a business-centered innovation ecosystem, by providing support mechanisms and policies for SMEs, encouraging enterprises to invest in research and application of scientific and technological advances and innovations, and focusing on technological innovations in key sectors such as tea, wood, paper, pulp, steel and mining.

From 2020 to September 2023, the Department of Science and Technology supported 15 companies to carry out 15 scientific and technological projects at the ministerial and provincial levels, and eight companies to conduct technological innovations, scientific research and quality measurement standardization, with a total budget of over VND3 billion (according to Resolution 31/2013/NQ-HDND dated December 12, 2013 of the Tuyen Quang Provincial People's Council).

The province has witnessed the active innovation and application of scientific and technological advances by enterprises, resulting in new value-added products. For instance, An Hoa Paper Joint Stock Company invested in a factory producing bleached short-fiber pulp (with a yearly capacity of 130,000 metric tons) and high-end paper (with an annual capacity of 140,000 tons) for export, using advanced technology. Woodsland Joint Stock Company applied modern technology to processing interior and exterior wood furniture. Tuyen Quang Forest Products and Minerals Joint Stock Company invested in a factory producing high-quality tunnel bricks, using automatic technology.

The science and technology sector has made a significant contribution to the local socio-economic development, as measured by total factor productivity (TFP). The TFP’s share in the province’s gross regional domestic product (GRDP) increased from 33.9% in 2020 to 35.29% in 2022.

The department has also emphasized the enforcement and protection of intellectual property rights, to enhance competitiveness, market expansion, and brand value of products. The province has 292 products/services with industrial property rights protection, including over 70 key agricultural products and specialties with trademark protection certificates and four products with geographical indication registration certificates, namely Ham Yen orange, Shan Tuyet Na Hang tea, Na Hang leaf-fermented corn wine, and Ha Yen Son grapefruit wine. Chiem Hoa buffalo meat is in the process of obtaining the geographical indication certification.

By Nguyen Bach, Vietnam Business Forum