DRC Placing Faith in New Miracle of Vietnam’s Auto Tire Industry

9:19:23 AM | 22/7/2024 | DA NANG

“Quality is a benchmark of success,” asserted Le Hoang Khanh Nhut, General Director of Da Nang Rubber Joint Stock Company (DRC). Since its inception, DRC has been committed to establishing itself as a leading tire and tube manufacturer in Vietnam. As part of its ongoing mission to create sustainable value, DRC aims to continue setting industry standards by focusing on production excellence, advancing scientific and technological innovation, and continuously enhancing product quality.

DataHouse: Pursuing the “Dream” of Prosperous Vietnam

9:06:58 AM | 19/7/2024 | DA NANG

As a leading information technology (IT) firm, DataHouse has significantly advanced the information and communications technology (ICT) industry in Da Nang City.

Promptly Addressing Weaknesses to Raise the PCI Index

8:57:11 PM | 18/7/2024 | DA NANG

In 2024, Da Nang embraced the theme "Year of promoting administrative reform, strengthening discipline, unlocking investment resources, accelerating economic growth, and ensuring social security."

Efforts to Retain Investors and Create Livable, Investable City

8:06:12 AM | 17/7/2024 | DA NANG

"In all endeavors, provincial sectors have actively collaborated with specialized agencies to meticulously identify and prioritize projects that enhance environmental sustainability, leverage cutting-edge technology, add substantial value and bolster investment appeal,"

Promoting Resources for Da Nang’s Rapid and Sustainable Development

8:54:04 AM | 16/7/2024 | DA NANG

Da Nang possesses significant potential and distinctive advantages that position it as a key growth hub for the country, with prospects for rapid and sustainable development.

Da Nang Aims to Become Continental Tourist City

4:24:56 PM | 15/7/2024 | DA NANG

Da Nang is known as a tourism star in the Central Coast, the Central Highlands and the whole country. Promoting its advantages in natural and human resources, the city is making efforts to realize the goal of becoming a continental tourism city.

Foster Electric (Da Nang) Co.,Ltd Always Devoted to Partners and Employees

4:20:43 PM | 15/7/2024 | DA NANG

Despite its abundant development potential, the electronics industry faces several limitations and challenges. In this challenging context, Foster Electric (Da Nang) Co., Ltd has distinguished itself as a leading entity that not only navigates these difficulties with resilience but also embraces innovation and demonstrates commitment to its partners and employees.

Hoa Tho Textile & Garment Corporation: Consistent with "Going Green" Goals, Confident to Enter Global Supply Chains

3:56:41 PM | 15/7/2024 | DA NANG

“Embodying the philosophy of its time while upholding timeless human values” serves as the guiding principle for Hoa Tho Textile & Garment Corporation. with its rich heritage, the corporation has evolved into a leading enterprise in the yarn and garment sector, playing an important role in Vietnam’s textile industry in the central region.

Da Nang Hi-Tech Park and Industrial Zones Authority: Shaping Eco-industrial Parks, Aiming for Green Growth

3:44:11 PM | 15/7/2024 | DA NANG

Since its establishment, the Da Nang Hi-Tech Park and Industrial Zones Authority (DHPIZA) has proven to be an effective operator of industrial parks in Da Nang City and a key facilitator of investment promotion.

Da Nang Industry and Trade Sector Supporting Businesses Promptly and Effectively

3:41:36 PM | 15/7/2024 | DA NANG

To achieve the objective of establishing Da Nang City as a socioeconomic hub in the country and Southeast Asia, the city’s industry and trade sector remains dedicated to mobilizing resources and providing support to businesses.