Ca Mau Post Fostering Innovation for Development

4:19:00 PM | 22/9/2022 | CA MAU

Fostering its role as a leading postal service provider, Ca Mau Post has constantly innovated and improved its service quality.

Minh Phu Seafood Corp: Leading Light in Sustainable Shrimp Ecosystem Development

4:12:01 PM | 22/9/2022 | CA MAU

As a leading seafood firm in Vietnam, Minh Phu Seafood ships its products to more than 50 countries and territories in the world, earning over VND10,000 billion a year.

Vibrant Change in Southernmost District

4:05:19 PM | 22/9/2022 | CA MAU

Ngoc Hien district is the Southernmost point of the country. Dat Mui commune of the district has three sides bordered by the sea and is the only place to welcome the sunrise from the East Sea and watch the sunset at the end of the day in the West Sea.

Ca Mau Community College: Deepening Business Connections to Create Jobs for Graduates

4:01:37 PM | 22/9/2022 | CA MAU

Over the years, Ca Mau Community College (CMCC) has become a prestigious school that provides high-quality human resources for socioeconomic development of the province and the region.

Promoting Investment Projects for Agricultural, Rural Development

3:52:49 PM | 22/9/2022 | CA MAU

By maximizing the efficiency of public investment capital, and completing the agricultural-rural infrastructure system, the Project Management Board for Agriculture and Rural Development in Ca Mau province has made significant contributions to the restructuring of the agricultural sector and local rural development.

Clearing Bottlenecks and Creating Motivation for IPs and EZs

3:46:32 PM | 22/9/2022 | CA MAU

Despite many difficulties, Ca Mau province has made much progress in infrastructure development and investment attraction in industrial parks (IPs) and economic zones (EZs).

Effort for Market Stabilization and Consumer Protection

3:41:27 PM | 22/9/2022 | CA MAU

In the past time, the Department of Market Surveillance of Ca Mau province has improved the apparatus and the human resource quality to accomplish the assigned tasks, helping to stabilize the market and protect the interests of consumers and businesses.

Increasing Digital Transformation Solutions in Customs Management

3:26:22 PM | 22/9/2022 | CA MAU

Ca Mau Customs Department is striving to complete its goal of carrying out all customs procedures online, anytime, anywhere and by any means.

Efforts to Ensure Sustainable Social Security

3:20:19 PM | 22/9/2022 | CA MAU

In the past years, VSS Ca Mau has successfully completed its assigned tasks, helping carry out social security policies, stabilizing political background and promoting socioeconomic development.

Effectively Promoting Policy Credit Capital

3:14:26 PM | 22/9/2022 | CA MAU

After 20 years of development, the Ca Mau Branch of Vietnam Bank for Social Policies (VBSP Ca Mau) has promptly and effectively applied many preferential lending policies to bring policy credit capital to beneficiaries and assisted local sustainable poverty reduction and realization of national target programs in the province.