Ca Mau Tourism to Be Developed into National Destination

4:48:11 PM | 24/7/2018 | CA MAU

Ca Mau Cape is located at the headland of the nation, which is not only of specially spiritual significance and touches the heart of every Vietnamese but also has landscapes

Ca Mau Eyes US$2 Bln from Shrimp Export

3:10:45 PM | 21/9/2017 | CA MAU

Ca Mau province expects to raise shrimp on 280,000 ha, harvest 280,000 tonnes and earn US$2 billion from exports annually by 2020, said the Ca Mau Department of Agriculture and Rural Development...

Ca Mau Determined to Become Relatively Developed Province in Mekong Delta

2:30:23 PM | 1/6/2017 | CA MAU

2017 marks the 20th re-establishment anniversary of Ca Mau province (January 1, 1997 - 2017). Previously a poor agricultural province, Ca Mau has achieved remarkable achievements...

Ca Mau: Land of Opportunities for Investors

5:45:23 PM | 29/5/2017 | CA MAU

As the southernmost province of the nation, Ca Mau has confronted a lot of disadvantages in investment attraction. The dynamism and creativity of provincial leaders to uphold...

Connecting Ca Mau’s Shrimp Farmers with International Markets

4:14:44 PM | 16/3/2016 | CA MAU

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and SNV Netherlands Development Organisation organised a media trip as part of the ‘Mangroves and the Markets’ (MAM) project phase 1...

Ca Mau Tapping Ecotourism Potential

3:53:46 PM | 18/11/2015 | CA MAU

Ca Mau province is hugely rich in ecological tourism development. With Ca Mau Cape, the southernmost tip of the nation and the legendary U Minh Forest, the tourism sector of Ca Mau province...

Ca Mau: Three Pillars of Development

3:52:11 PM | 18/11/2015 | CA MAU

18 years after re-establishment (January 1, 1997 - 2015), by taking advantage of resources for construction and development, Ca Mau province has reaped extremely important successes...

Ca Mau to Boost Trade Promotion

4:12:32 PM | 23/3/2015 | CA MAU

Ca Mau province will spend VND10 billion for trade promotion programme in 2015, said the Ca Mau Trade Promotion Centre...

Ca Mau Seafood Sector Hopes for Good Year 2015

9:21:45 AM | 22/2/2015 | CA MAU

Nearly 9,000 workers at seafood processing facilities in the Mekong Delta province of Ca Mau returned to work on February 20th, or the second day of the lunar New Year (Tet) to start a new production year...

Ca Mau Playing the Role of Trade Gateway with ASEAN Countries

5:23:41 PM | 5/12/2013 | CA MAU

In recent years, Ca Mau province's economy always maintains high growth, with annual GDP growth of over 10 per cent. The economic structure is shifting in the expected pattern, characterised by an increasing proportion of industry and services...