Can Tho: Two Decades of Investment Attraction and Business Development

10:08:43 AM | 12/12/2023 | CAN THO

Businesses have significantly contributed to empowering the rapid growth and metropolitan role of Can Tho City, as well as its impact across the Mekong Delta.

Attracting Green Investment for Sustainable Future

10:03:14 AM | 12/12/2023 | CAN THO

Can Tho City aims to attract green, clean and sustainable investment to build and develop an ecological, civilized, modern city imbued with the identity of the Mekong Delta as per Resolution 59-NQ/TW of the Politburo.

Resolved to Conduct Digital Transformation on All Three Pillars

9:28:01 AM | 12/12/2023 | CAN THO

Can Tho City is determined to promote digital transformation on all three pillars: digital government, digital economy and digital society, with focus placed on health, education, transportation, agriculture, environmental resources and tourism among others to accelerate the settlement of urgent matters and create new growth momentum.

Can Tho Construction Investment Project Management Board: Endeavor to Enhance Urban Development

7:37:32 AM | 11/12/2023 | CAN THO

In the twenty years since becoming a centrally run city (January 1, 2004 - January 1, 2024), Can Tho has been on an upward trajectory of growth, becoming an economic, cultural, and tourism hub in the Mekong Delta region.

Phu Nong: Bringing distinctive differences

9:00:54 AM | 10/12/2023 | CAN THO

Phu Nong Co., Ltd, established in 2006, always sees “quality” as a guideline for development and “helps farmers tend their crops”.

Agriculture Sector Comprehensive Growth, Economic Leading Role Asserted

9:00:25 AM | 10/12/2023 | CAN THO

Located in the center of the Mekong Delta, Can Tho has a mild climate, abundant freshwater resources and favorable conditions for agricultural development.

Transformational Changes in Administrative Reform

9:08:56 AM | 9/12/2023 | CAN THO

With innovative thinking, creative actions, drastic management and responsibility of Party committees and authorities at all levels, Can Tho City’s administrative reform has positively progressed in recent years. The quality of service to people and businesses has been increasingly improved.

Effectively Using Aid, Supporting Sustainable Urban Development

3:02:28 PM | 8/12/2023 | CAN THO

The Can Tho Urban Development and Resilience Enhancement Project (or Project 3) is a key project, of particular importance to the socioeconomic development of Can Tho City as well as the Mekong Delta.

Enhancing Flexibility and Diversity in Investment Promotion

2:58:55 PM | 8/12/2023 | CAN THO

The Can Tho Investment-Trade and Exhibition Promotion Agency (CPA) has exhibited a commendable track record during its eight years of operation since October 2015.

HOA HAO - MEDIC CAN THO: Proud of Its Development Journey   

2:07:37 PM | 8/12/2023 | CAN THO

During its development in the 6 years since establishment, with the leadership and continuous efforts of the Board of Directors, experiencing many difficulties and challenges, Hoa Hao - Medic Can Tho Hospital has continuously strived to develop and made outstanding achievements, contributing to the overall development of the local health system of Can Tho city and the Mekong Delta provinces in human health care.