Dong Thap Unveiling New Horizons, Leveraging Spectacular Development

11:10:14 AM | 7/3/2024 | DONG THAP

Dong Thap Province recently unveiled its Provincial Planning for the 2021-2030 period, envisioning transformative development until 2050. The planning is poised to propel Dong Thap into a new era of socioeconomic miracles.

Dong Thap Launches Sci-Tech Program for Rural Development to 2025

9:41:31 AM | 4/11/2022 | DONG THAP

Dong Thap Provincial People's Committee recently introduced Plan 351/KH-UBND on the implementation of the Science and Technology Program for New Rural Construction by 2025.

Dong Thap Certifies Eight Communes Meeting New Countryside Standards

10:54:41 AM | 3/6/2020 | DONG THAP

On May 22, 2020, the Chairman of Dong Thap Provincial People's Committee issued Decision 723/QD-UBND-HC recognizing communes that met new countryside standards in 2019.

Dong Thap Strives to Achieve New Countryside Standards in 2020

1:57:55 PM | 5/5/2020 | DONG THAP

Dong Thap province is striving to have one more district and 20 communes meet new countryside standards by the end of 2020. Particularly, the province has eight exemplary rural communes, completes the plan of having all 37 new rural communes in the 2016-2020 period, and has 12 communes certified to meet new countryside standards as proposed by localities.

Branding Dong Thap Tourism as “Pure as Lotus Soul”

4:21:03 PM | 1/10/2018 | DONG THAP

On January 15, 2015, the Dong Thap Provincial People’s Committee issued Decision 03/2015/QD-UBND launching the Dong Thap tourism development scheme from 2015 to 2020...

Dong Thap Improving Governance Quality to Better Serve Businesses

4:16:58 PM | 1/10/2018 | DONG THAP

According to the PCI 2017 rankings, Dong Thap ranked third with 68.8 points, setting a record for 10 consecutive years in the Top 5 PCI rankings in the country. For an agricultural and far-lying province like Dong Thap

Dong Thap Economic Zones Authority: Wholeheartedly Supporting the Business

4:08:13 PM | 1/10/2018 | DONG THAP

In recent years, industrial zones and border gate economic zones have achieved an impressive makeover in both quality and quantity. This success is considerably contributed to by the Dong Thap Economic Zones Authority...

Sao Mai Hotel : High-class Accommodation in Dong Thap Province

3:37:09 PM | 13/3/2018 | DONG THAP

Sao Mai Hotel cost nearly VND200 billion of investment capital. This is an ideal place for relaxation. Luxurious and modern amenities and high class services...

Prime Minister: Dong Thap is a bright star of investment and business environment

3:31:48 PM | 27/12/2017 | DONG THAP

“Coming to Dong Thap province, investors will work in a transparent and open investment environment with a dynamic and open government which always seeks to work better...

Dong Thap Muoi Medical Research, Conservation and Development JSC: Unique Destination in Mekong Delta

3:29:06 PM | 11/12/2017 | DONG THAP

Dong Thap Muoi Medical Research and Conservation Development Joint Stock Company is headquartered in Moc Hoa District, 60 km from Tan An District...