Optimistic Investment Attraction in Dung Quat EZ and Quang Ngai IPs

8:18:16 AM | 5/4/2023 | QUANG NGAI

The post-COVID-19 picture of investment attraction in Dung Quat Economic Zone (EZ) and industrial parks (IPs) in Quang Ngai province has brightened. In 2022 alone, tenants in economic and industrial zones paid VND26.6 trillion to the State Budget.

Quang Ngai: Unlocking New Potential, New Driving Force for Socio-economic Development

2:21:55 PM | 3/4/2023 | QUANG NGAI

In 2022, despite facing numerous difficulties and challenges, particularly epidemics, natural disasters and climate change, the Party, the government and people of Quang Ngai province united and strived, with active and creative approach, to apply solutions for socioeconomic recovery and development and achieved positive results.

Synchronous and Effective Administrative Reform to Enhance Competitiveness

2:18:29 PM | 3/4/2023 | QUANG NGAI

With firm leadership on administrative reform, Quang Ngai province has achieved many positive results and gradually improved the Vietnam Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) and the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI).

Aggressive in Improving PCI Rankings

11:14:33 AM | 1/4/2023 | QUANG NGAI

Conducting administrative reforms, improving the business and investment environment and enhancing the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) is defined as top priority tasks by leaders of Quang Ngai province.

Quang Ngai City Strategies for Breakthrough Development

10:54:57 AM | 1/4/2023 | QUANG NGAI

Quang Ngai City is making every effort to improve the investment climate and attract strategic investors with an accompanying and sharing spirit and approach. The central goal of the city is to develop an innovative, green and smart city and become an attractive destination for investors.

VSIP Quang Ngai: Efforts to Affirm Leadership in Investment Attraction

5:25:41 PM | 31/3/2023 | QUANG NGAI

After more than nine years of development, VSIP Quang Ngai has generated a new investment wave and become an ideal new destination for investors.

Quang Ngai Tourism: Advantages and Opportunities for Higher Growth

10:05:26 AM | 31/3/2023 | QUANG NGAI

Quang Ngai is endowed with many historical and cultural landmarks along with beautiful natural landscapes to become an ideal destination for tourists seeking to enjoy maritime tourism, cultural tourism and ecological tourism.

Information and Communication Sector Leading Digital Transformation

10:04:43 AM | 31/3/2023 | QUANG NGAI

Over the past time, the information and communication sector of Quang Ngai province has not only held a pioneering mission but also played a key role in supporting and promoting economic development.

Quang Ngai Industry Extends Growth Momentum

3:15:17 PM | 30/3/2023 | QUANG NGAI

Standing steadfast during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and making rapid post-pandemic recovery and development, Quang Ngai industry has played a very important role in local economic growth and budget revenue, become a major exporter, and created jobs for many workers.

Focusing on Skilled Human Resource Training

3:13:34 PM | 30/3/2023 | QUANG NGAI

Developing human resources, reforming and improving the quality and effect of vocational training, linked to employment, is defined as a key task and competitive advantage in investment attraction and socioeconomic development by Quang Ngai province.