Strengthening Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

10:06:07 AM | 11/6/2024 | SON LA

Son La province's external information has been deployed synchronously and comprehensively in all fields in the past years to propagandize and promote local potential, strengths and images to international friends and support successful achievement of political and socioeconomic development tasks.

Boosting Sci-tech Application in Practice

9:41:56 AM | 11/6/2024 | SON LA

Son La province has made many significant scientific and technological advances in recent years. These achievements not only help improve people's quality of life but also boost sustainable socioeconomic development.

Improving Business Climate, Enhancing Competitiveness

8:59:25 AM | 10/6/2024 | SON LA

Son La province has adopted many measures to improve the business investment environment, enhance competitiveness, accompany and support companies and investors to remove difficulties and obstacles, facilitate them to speed up their projects, and promote startups and business development.

Digital Transformation Persistence, Substance and Efficacy

10:20:12 AM | 9/6/2024 | SON LA

Resolution 17-NQ/TU dated August 31, 2021 of the Standing Board of the Son La Provincial Party Committee on digital transformation states that digital transformation is an opportunity to make breakthroughs, an innovative solution to local socioeconomic development.

Son La Drastic Action to Propel Accelerated Development

9:51:18 AM | 7/6/2024 | SON LA

As 2024 is a decisive year to complete the 5-year socioeconomic development plan (2021 - 2025), Son La province has seriously, consistently and firmly carried out the tasks and solutions stated in the resolution of the 15th Provincial Party Congress and the resolution of the 13th National Party Congress since the start of the year.

Effective and Sustainable New Rural Development

9:43:50 AM | 7/6/2024 | SON LA

In more than 10 years of carrying out the National Target Program on New Rural Development, Son La province has achieved remarkable results, particularly the better outlook of rural areas and improved people's livelihoods.

Further Expanding IZs, Luring More Investors

4:09:59 PM | 6/6/2024 | SON LA

As a regulator of industrial zones (IZs), the Son La Industrial Zones Authority has kept ongoing efforts to fulfill all its assigned functions and tasks to make IZs truly attractive destinations for domestic and foreign investors.

Developing Synchronous Transport Infrastructure

4:01:48 PM | 6/6/2024 | SON LA

Knowing that transport infrastructure plays an important role in socioeconomic development and creates advantages in investment attraction, the transport sector of Son La province always actively advises the Provincial People's Committee on building and suitably adjusting transport development plans for each stage.

Trade Promotion Boosts Agricultural Exports

3:12:48 PM | 6/6/2024 | SON LA

With its efforts to boost production, stabilize the market, enhance trade promotion, expand agricultural export markets and tap local potential advantages, the industry and trade sector of Son La province has affirmed its important role and created a driving force for socioeconomic development.

Fostering National Identity and Enhancing Tourism Attraction

2:10:14 PM | 6/6/2024 | SON LA

To have sustainable tourism, Son La province always pays attention to preserving the natural landscape, preserving its original identity to create distinctive experiences to attract tourists.