De Heus Co., Ltd Toward a Sustainable Livestock Ecosystem

10:23:57 AM | 22/12/2020 | VINH LONG

Being present in the Vietnamese market for nearly 12 years, De Heus Co., Ltd has grown continuously to the second position in Vietnam by size, output and revenue, and made important contributions to the development of the Vietnamese livestock industry in general and the fisheries sector in particular.

Actively Overcoming Difficulties, Successfully Completing Assigned Tasks

10:20:11 AM | 22/12/2020 | VINH LONG

Since its inception, the Vinh Long Traffic Construction Investment Project Management Unit has received the close direction of the Provincial People's Committee, the effective coordination of agencies and localities to achieve its assigned professional tasks, and complete the synchronous, modern, and interconnected transport infrastructure system.

Vinh Long Focusing on Removing Difficulties for Businesses, Restarting the Economy

10:18:16 AM | 22/12/2020 | VINH LONG

Authorities of all levels of Vinh Long province have firmly supported enterprises and people affected by the COVID-19 epidemic in the past time; anticipated and prevented epidemic contagion and helped local businesses to deal with difficulties to boost production. Hence, the economy was restarted successfully to ensure the achievement of local socioeconomic development. Mr. Lu Quang Ngoi, Chairman of the Vinh Long Provincial People's Committee, shared about this issue.

Reforming Investment Promotion, Gasping Global Investment Shift

10:15:59 AM | 22/12/2020 | VINH LONG

Vinh Long province witnessed development not only in investment value but also project size in recent years. Many projects have produced positive impact on local socioeconomic development.

Stepping up Administrative Reform to Improve Competitiveness

10:14:31 AM | 22/12/2020 | VINH LONG

Vinh Long province has always identified administrative reform (AR) as the most important solution to build a service government and create an open and favorable business environment for people and businesses. Therefore, over the past years, AR has been a task that has been given attention by the whole provincial political system and obtained positive results, contributing to improving the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) of the province.

Preparing Sufficient Resources for Disease Prevention and Political Tasks

10:12:30 AM | 22/12/2020 | VINH LONG

From the beginning of the year up to now, despite the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, the provincial Party Committee, People's Council, and People's Committee in Vinh Long have directed agencies and departments to help Vinh Long Department of Finance perform the task of state budget collection in accordance with planning, ensuring sufficient resources for the important tasks of the province as well as disease prevention. Around this topic, our reporter has an interview with Mr. Pham Minh Thien, Director of Vinh Long Department of Finance. Cong Luan reports.

Supporting Businesses to Improve Product Capacity and Competitiveness

10:10:23 AM | 22/12/2020 | VINH LONG

In the 2016 - 2020 period, the economic structure of Vinh Long province has seen many changes in the right direction, in which the industry - construction and trade – service have accounted for a high proportion in the province's GDP, making a positive contribution to local socio-economic development.

Building Synchronous and Modern Transport Infrastructure Network

10:09:17 AM | 22/12/2020 | VINH LONG

In the 2015-2020 period, Vinh Long province determined that investment in developing social and economic infrastructure systems, especially transport infrastructure, was a strategic breakthrough, and prioritized many construction resources for this strategy. Therefore, the local transport infrastructure system is increasingly completed and expanded to ensure local and regional connectivity.

Accelerating Administrative Procedure Reform, Improving Land Access Index

10:08:15 AM | 22/12/2020 | VINH LONG

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Vinh Long province has stepped up administrative procedure reform, removed obstacles to land access, and actively coordinated with localities to deal with site clearance and provide favorable conditions for investors to implement projects, thus bringing satisfaction to people and businesses and raising the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) in recent years.

Striving to Ensure a Healthy Business Environment

10:06:09 AM | 22/12/2020 | VINH LONG

Recently, the Market Management Department (MMD) of Vinh Long province has effectively implemented many solutions to combat commercial fraud activities and the selling of smuggled goods, counterfeit goods and poor quality goods, contributing to protecting the interests of consumers and building a healthy business environment in the province.