Vinh Long Province Develops Sustainable Pangasius Farming

10:15:15 AM | 15/5/2024 | VINH LONG

According to Vinh Long Statistics Department, the whole province currently has 2,119 hectares of aquaculture area, an increase of 1.03% (equivalent to an increase of 21.62 hectares) over the same period last year; Of which the industrial pangasius farming area is 370.8 hectares, an increase of 0.12% or an increase of 0.42 hectares.

Making Vinh Long Relatively Developed Province in Vietnam

3:16:14 PM | 2/4/2024 | VINH LONG

Vinh Long needs a shift in its growth paradigm. By revitalizing conventional growth catalysts - namely consumption, investment, and export - it can lay the groundwork for a dynamic trajectory.

Vinh Long River and Water - Enchanting Tourists

11:09:40 AM | 31/5/2022 | VINH LONG

Located in the heart of the Mekong Delta, Vinh Long is full of rivers, canals, lush green fields and luxuriant gardens.

Ching Luh Vietnam Promoting Social Responsibility

11:06:34 AM | 31/5/2022 | VINH LONG

Ching Luh Group operating in footwear manufacturing has been present in Vietnam for 20 years. Ching Luh has invested in two factories, one manufacturing and processing shoe soles and materials related to the footwear industry in Hoa Phu Industrial Park and the other one producing and processing shoes and sandals of all kinds in Binh Minh Industrial Park. During its operation, Ching Luh has always paid attention to environmental protection issues and upheld its social responsibility

Ba Khanh Rice Vermicelli New Change for Life

10:54:29 AM | 31/5/2022 | VINH LONG

To catch up with new changes in life, Ba Khanh upgraded its rudimentary production to modern production of rice vermicelli. With enthusiasm, creativity and constant investment in technological innovations, Ba Khanh Rice Vermicelli has launched product lines of high quality, food hygiene and safety, and established a strong brand foothold in the market, thus strengthening consumer trust and the popularity of this food.

De Heus Vietnam Effort for Sustainable Development, Asserting Leadership in Vietnam

10:28:48 AM | 31/5/2022 | VINH LONG

De Heus Co., Ltd (De Heus Vietnam) under Dutch Royal De Heus Group, officially present in Vietnam since 2008, produces a wide range of animal feeds with popular brands such as of De Heus, Proconco, Anco, Windmill, Koudijs… for livestock, poultry, ruminants and aqua. De Heus is now a familiar brand name to farmers nationwide.

Vinh Long Young Entrepreneurs Association Actively Reforming, Boosting Development

10:14:20 AM | 31/5/2022 | VINH LONG

Not only acting as a good bridge and supporting members to develop business operations, Vinh Long Young Entrepreneurs Association is also a leader in information technology application and digital transformation, thus creating a foundation to foster entrepreneurship and innovation, and facilitating local socioeconomic development.

Preparing the Best for Investors

10:12:11 AM | 31/5/2022 | VINH LONG

Vinh Long province is making efforts to carry out the Vinh Long Industrial Zone Development Program in 2021-2025 adopted by the Provincial Party Committee, with focus placed on removing bottlenecks in policy, connection infrastructure, site clearance and other matters to provide the best conditions for investors...

Binh Minh Town Asserting Position of Provincial Dynamic Economic Region

9:52:48 AM | 31/5/2022 | VINH LONG

After nearly two years being recognized as a third-grade urban area (July 31, 2020), Binh Minh Town has witnessed a strong transformation, with an increasingly spacious and modern urban appearance.

Promoting Digital Agriculture, Raising the Value of Agricultural Products

3:28:34 PM | 30/5/2022 | VINH LONG

Over the years, the agricultural sector of Vinh Long province has achieved many impressive results and continued to affirm its supporting role in the economy. This is the foundation for the province to implement the development goals of agriculture, rural areas and farmers in the new period.