Effectively Tapping Tourism Potential

11:51:24 PM | 3/4/2015

Based on its natural advantages, socioeconomic conditions and tourism resources, Tuyen Quang province has gradually made tourism a leading economic sector of the province. Tourism development has helped support and mobilise resources from all economic sectors to speed up the economic restructuring, increase proportion of tourism industry in the province’s GDP; preserve and promote national cultural traditions; restore and upgrade revolutionary historic and cultural historical relics, and traditional festivals; raise the awareness of people in tourism development and environmental landscape protection; create jobs for workers, and improve spiritual and material life for the people.
Cultural, historical and ecological tourism is part of Tuyen Quang province’s regional space development constituted by three major regions: northern region, central region and southern region. The province has studied and specified territory-based tourism development, with major tourism zones, sites and routes as follows.
Tourist attractions are defined: Tan Trao National cultural, ecological and tourism tourist site (including all revolutionary historical sites and cultural villages in Tan Trao, Binh Yen, Minh Thanh, Trung Yen, Trung Son, Kim Quan, Dao Vien communes and Tuyen Quang City); My Lam ecological zone in Yen Son district; and Na Hang ecological tourist site.
Main tourist routes in the province are defined: Tuyen Quang City - Kim Quan - Tan Trao - Binh Ca; Tuyen Quang City - My Lam - Da Ban; and Tuyen Quang City - Ham Yen - Chiem Hoa - Na Hang. Inter-provincial tourism tours include waterway, overland and railway routes. Riverway route is Tuyen Quang - Viet Tri - Hanoi. Overland routes include Tuyen Quang - Hanoi, Tuyen Quang - Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang - Thai Nguyen - Bac Kan - Cao Bang, Tuyen Quang - Yen Bai - Lao Cai, and Tuyen Quang - Hai Phong. Railway routes include Tuyen Quang - Yen Bai - Lao Cai, Tuyen Quang - Yen Bai - Hanoi, and Tuyen Quang - Thai Nguyen - Hanoi. International tourist routes include Tuyen Quang - Ha Giang - Kunming (China), Tuyen Quang - Lang Son - Nanning (China), Tuyen Quang - Quang Ninh - Nanning (China), and Tuyen Quang - Noi Bai.
To develop the tourism economic space, the province will continue to effectively implement Conclusion 34-KL/TU dated August 25, 2011 of the Provincial Party Committee (15th term); Plan 180-KH/DUVHTTDL dated November 18, 2011 of the Party Committee of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism on the execution of Conclusion 34-KL/TU on tasks and solutions of continued acceleration of tourism economic development in the 2011 - 2015 period; and the Tuyen Quang Tourism Development Master Plan to 2020, with a vision to 2030. The following are major solutions.
Developing and implementing regulations on tourism investment development incentive policies; building up tourism development funds; focusing on investment for tourism quality improvement, infrastructure construction, and tourism promotion; creating a legal framework and legal conditions for tourism management and development; attracting investment capital from State budget, foreign investors and individuals.
Strengthening State tourism management, controlling and administering tourism activities, mobilising and managing tourism resources for tourism development.
Focusing on developing tourism resources, with natural resources (forests, caves, landscapes and mineral water), and humanity tourism resources (historic revolutionary and war-resistance relic systems, spiritual tourism system, historical cultural system and national cultures). These are promising resources for Tuyen Quang province to strongly develop tourism potential. The province will focus resources on developing infrastructure for tourism zones, with priority placed on Tan Trao historical, cultural and ecological tourism zone (special national relic), My Lam mineral stream resort in Yen Son district and Na Hang ecological tourism site; and cultural, historical, ecological and spiritual tourism sites in Tuyen Quang City. The province will promote landscape potential along the Lo River passing Tuyen Quang City and planned tourist sites; effectively deploy tourism development projects to attract tourism development investment to create jobs and effectively exploit the potential of natural conditions, ecological, cultural and historical traditions.
Encouraging investment for tourist zone development, particularly to create unique tourism products based on local landscape, environment and specialties to interest tourists and benefit local communities; preserving natural resources and ecosystems, developing environmentally friendly tourism products and services; raising public awareness and responsibility in protection of valuable resources and increasing investment for tourism infrastructure like building wastewater and waste treatment systems, ensuring environmental hygiene, and preserving landscapes in tourist routes and destinations.

Promoting tourism advertisement; enhancing the connectivity of local and inter-regional tourism routes; improving the quality of the local tourism labour force and ensuring sufficient quantity and professionalism of tourism workers.

Thu Trang