Akita Delegation Visits Vinh Phuc Province

11:51:35 AM | 26/9/2019

On September 11, 2019, the working delegation of Akita Prefecture (Japan) and Okuyama Boring Akita Co., Ltd paid a working visit to Vinh Phuc province. The visitors were welcomed and received by the Department of Foreign Affairs, some other departments and localities in the province.

Akita Prefecture and Vinh Phuc Province signed a memorandum of friendship and cooperation in 2015. The two localities bolstered cooperation in agriculture and organized several shuttle visits to each other. During this working program, the two sides exchanged information and contents related to landslide and possible cooperation in landslide prevention in Vinh Phuc province.

Representatives of Okuyama Boring Akita Co., Ltd introduced the company and represented landslide prevention projects in Japan and in Vietnam. The company proposed an early landslide warning system for Vinh Phuc.

Vinh Phuc representatives provided information on landslide developments and response measures, natural disasters and responses to natural disasters in the province. The two sides also discussed future cooperation between Vinh Phuc Province and Okuyama Boring Akita Co., Ltd.

In the afternoon, the delegation of Akita Prefecture, the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Vinh Phuc Business Association exchanged views on agricultural economics and cooperation in training and fostering technicians and workers; advanced technology applications in agriculture, forestry and fisheries; support and transfer of machinery and equipment for agricultural mechanization; preservation and processing of agricultural, forestry and aquatic products; seedling production and application; and transfer of breeding technology for pigs, dairy cows and beef cows.

The two sides also discussed investment cooperation in supporting industries, automobile and motorcycle manufacturing, electronics industry, information technology, transport and medical infrastructure, education, hi-tech agriculture, and tourism services. At the same time, the two localities discussed the early signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Vinh Phuc Business Association and the Akita Trade Promotion Association.