Cholimex Food: For a More Delicious Vietnamese Meal

3:04:18 PM | 29/12/2020

Last November, the leadership and the staff of Cholimex Food Joint Stock Company had the great honor of receiving the “Labor Hero in the renovation era” award by the President of Vietnam for its outstanding achievements in production from 2009 to 2019 and contributions to the cause of socialism construction and national defense. With nearly 40 years of persistent dedication to Vietnamese family meals, Cholimex Food has been rewarded with the trust of consumers and the recognition of the Party and the State.

Keeping Vietnamese identity in modern cuisine

After nearly four decades of development, Cholimex Food products have become an indispensable part of Vietnamese kitchens and provided consumers with unforgettable culinary experiences. In addition to retail outlets nationwide, Cholimex Food products are also exported to more than 30 countries and territories all over the world and shelved on famous supermarket chains such as Marks and Spencer (M&S) of the United Kingdom (UK); and Coop and Migros of Switzerland. Besides, Metro and Real of Germany, Auchan, Cora and CareFour of France also accepted Cholimex Food as an official supplier.

Being aware that spices and foods have direct effects on human health, food quality and safety is specially focused by Cholimex Food in the whole production process. Accordingly, the company focused on building a closed supply chain, from raw inputs to processing to provide safe, high-quality foods to consumers while constantly upholding the spirit of innovation and creativity, making heavy investment in machinery and equipment modernization and technological innovation to improve product quality; and standardizing human resources and management systems and measure product quality. Since 2002, Cholimex Food has been certified to meet ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 22000 quality management standards and meet DL 062 and BRC food safety requirements for export to the European Union (EU). In addition, the company has developed HALAL standards for Muslim countries and Kosher standards for Jewish people to diversify export markets.

Needless to say, economic development and better human life quality lead to significant changes in consumption trends. Instead of eating simply to be full as before, modern consumers are always looking for delicious, nutritious and healthy products. That is also a driving force for Cholimex Food to study, create and launch new products with traditional flavors, convenient and suitable with modern consumer lifestyle. Its popular products include grilled meat marinade, char siu sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, naturally fermented soybean sauce, spring rolls, dumplings and shrimp curry.

Each product of Cholimex Food, before being put on the market, is carefully ensured flavor to enrich the taste of the meal and retain the essence and identity of Vietnamese cuisine. Especially since 2012, the company has made constant innovations to expand and diversify the lineup of indispensable seasonings and foodstuffs on the food tray of every Vietnamese family. Besides key products such as chili sauce, ketchup and satay, Huong Viet fish sauce and soy sauce are also favored by consumers because of their good quality, produced with rigorous standards. The taste is pure, natural and healthy.

Shining Vietnam value 2020

With continuous efforts for better product quality and more professional business ethics and social responsibility, Cholimex Food always controls production processes well to ensure the products’ quality, safety and hygiene, thus strengthening the brand value of Cholimex Food in both domestic and international markets. Not only being satisfied with what it has achieved, Cholimex Food is constantly striving to go forward and uphold its mission of connecting every kitchen and disseminating the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine to the world and popularizing “made in Vietnam” products in the international arena.

Coupled with the “Labor Hero in the renovation era” title conferred by the President of Vietnam in late November, Cholimex Food was happier to have its products such as chili sauce, ketchup, sauces, spices and frozen foods honored at the award ceremony of Vietnam Value 2020. The award was a combination of the values ​​of brand reputation, product quality, production scale - technology, human resources and contributions to the community and the entire society that Cholimex Food has been diligently building and fostering for nearly four decades of development.

Honored to be one of 124 companies with named products at the Vietnam Value 2020, Cholimex Food will be more confident to reach the world market and become an ambassador for Vietnamese brands in the eyes of international consumers. This is also a worthy reward for Cholimex Food in its journey of relentless efforts to bring Vietnamese food and seasoning products to the world. “For nearly 40 years, Cholimex Food has persistently upheld the mission of making Vietnamese meals more and more delicious and nutritious; we will continue to strive in the journey ahead in the role of a Vietnam National Brand,” said Mr. Diep Nam Hai, General Director of Cholimex Food.

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