New Prime Minister Sets Five Goals for New Term

1:23:00 PM | 4/9/2021

On April 5, after taking the oath of office, newly-elected Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh delivered a speech to the National Assembly of Vietnam and the people nationwide.

In his speech, Mr. Chinh expressed his gratitude to the legislative body for electing him Prime Minister, saying that this is an honor and also a heavy responsibility entrusted to him by the Party, the State and the whole people.

He affirmed that the Government and the Prime Minister of the last term aroused the spirit of innovation, the will and aspirations to rise and achieved many important and inclusive results in all aspects. Particularly, the effective containment of the COVID-19 pandemic was highly appreciated by the people and the international community.

To further uphold comprehensive and consistent innovations in the spirit of the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress of the Party, the Government and the new Prime Minister are clearly aware of the responsibility to foster the legacy and deliver a vibrant drive in the future with five following specific goals.

First, building an action plan to translate the Resolution adopted at the 13th National Party Congress into reality, with a focus on the following tasks:

Further improving the socialist-oriented market economy institutions, mechanisms, and policies; innovating growth models and restructuring the economy; decentralizing the power, defining the responsibility of organizations and individuals.

Second, continuing to step up the building of the state of law, uphold the socialist-oriented rule-of-law state, strengthening discipline across administrative agencies and in the whole society.

Strongly reforming the national administration on the basis of upholding the right to ownership of the people, based on the people to supervise and control power; actively preventing, resolutely and persistently stepping up the fight against corruption, waste and bureaucracy with strong, coherent and effective institutions, mechanisms and solutions.

At the same time, mechanisms will be in place to encourage and protect people who dare to think, dare to change and dare to take responsibility for the common good.

Third, mobilizing and effectively using all resources in favor of national development; fostering strategic infrastructure development; assigning importance to national digital transformation and digital economy based on science and technology development.

Creating more favorable environment and conditions conducive to businesses; staying active and introducing effective solutions to overcome negative impacts of national calamities, climate change, environmental pollution, and pandemics, especially the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fourth, resolutely and persistently safeguarding national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity; ensuring national defense, security, social order and safety.

Consistently pursuing the foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, multi-lateralization and diversification of external relations for peace, cooperation and development as well as active and proactive international integration, making Vietnam a responsible and trusted member of the international community.

Fifth, building mechanisms and policies to promote cultural and human values, serving as a driving force for socio-economic development; taking measures to raise the quality of healthcare, education and training; laying emphasis on high-quality workforce development, and attracting and using talents.

Developing an inclusive social welfare system, with a focus on remote, border, island regions, ethnic-inhabited areas, and vulnerable groups; taking care of the people's material and spiritual life for them to live a prosperous, happy, safe and civilized life.

"With the newly assigned responsibility, I vow to do my best, overcome all difficulties and challenges; inherit and promote the precious legacy of the Prime Ministers over time. I will work with my deputies and cabinet members in the spirit of unity, integrity and action to serve the fatherland, the people for the interest of the Party, the nation and the people,” Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh stressed.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum