PTI Lao Cai: Business Development in Couple with Community Responsibility

9:06:35 AM | 8/19/2021

PTI Lao Cai, established in 2006, is active in Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces. After 15 years of development, the company has launched products that bring practical benefits to customers, especially motor vehicle insurance and personal insurance.

According to the General Statistics Office, in the first six months of 2021, the nonlife insurance premiums increased by 7% year on year. In Lao Cai, despite the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, PTI Lao Cai has made ongoing efforts to obtain business advantages.

With a large business network and exclusive distribution through post offices, PTI Lao Cai currently has the largest insurance product distribution system in the business area. Working in two mountainous provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau, this network not only helps it easily reach customers, but also quickly receive information and support customers in a timely, more convenient manner in case of losses.

PTI Lao Cai is currently No. 1 motor vehicle insurer and No. personal insurer in Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces. To have this position, its products are practically beneficial for a wide range of customers.

To support after sale, PTI Lao Cai also uses synchronous modern technology applications that PTI is developing to help customers experience the best service, easily accessible to a wide range of insurance products and insurance benefit claims. By the end of the second quarter of 2021, the company’s retail sales accounted for more than 84% of its total revenue.

Mr. Do Minh Tuan, director of PTI Lao Cai, said that, besides its investment for information technology system development, in the coming time, PTI Lao Cai will further foster information technology applications to improve service quality and customer experience.

Beside the business front, PTI Lao Cai is very active in community development in Lao Cai province with very practical contributions to social security. In recent years, PTI Lao Cai conducted many voluntary programs such as giving gifts to poor children in poor upland communes and coordinating with DB Kim Jun Ki Cultural Fund (South Korea) to build classrooms for local schools. PTI Lao Cai was also an exclusive insurer for the Bac Ha Traditional Horse Racing Tournament in 2020 to preserve the beauty of folk traditions.

“Given the current fierce competition, PTI Lao Cai will continue to launch optimal products, build sustainable relationships with customers with outstanding added value powered by cutting-edge technology. At the same time, the company will try to implement social activities for local community development," he said.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum