Farmers Should Be Professional, Entrepreneurial

9:35:29 AM | 11/15/2021

The new rural development program needs to have new values in addition to further developing infrastructure to facilitate farmers to access urban utilities in which soft utilities and new values are sought.

As an actor of all economic processes in rural areas, farmers choose their own production, business and service methods. They organize production, make products and trade products of production processes. As economic actors, farmers carry out all policies, programs and plans of the Party and the Government for rural economic development. This means that they turn those programs and plans into reality. However, in order for farmers to implement these programs and plans well, it is necessary to have close and effective direction and guidance from leaders at all levels.

Among 19 new rural development criteria, many are related to infrastructure such as transport, irrigation system, grid, roads, schools, hospitals, markets, amusement parks and community activities. Apart from contributing funds for rural infrastructure development, farmers also take part in discussions and comments on infrastructure planning, design, scale and location. Moreover, they also construct and finish these works.

National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue recently concluded that it is important how to integrate agricultural restructuring with rural construction because the latter is fundamental and the former is foundational, while farmers are the key actors. They are three inseparable pillars.

According to Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan, in addition to creating the "core" (investing in infrastructure construction) for rural people to access urban utilities, it is necessary to preserve and promote the "spiritual value" to form a living space and production space for thousands of years. It must be regarded as a resource for rural development. Besides, it is important to improve the community capacity to make farmers the subject of rural socio-economic development. To be capable, they must have access to the source of knowledge and access to new things, cooperate with each other, and master their own destiny.
"We will attach great importance to the intellectualization of farmers when we carry out the Program in the coming time. Besides, protecting the rural environment, rural culture, gender equality, and nutrition for people will be important. Rural people will also be valued to have a sustainable new countryside, improve life quality and increase the income of people," said Minister Le Minh Hoan.

In a recent talk show on "Agriculture: Firm support in volatility", sharing the same viewpoint with Minister Le Minh Hoan, Dr. Vu Tien Loc pointed out that farmers must change their minds. "I think all farmers are now facing the chance to start a business. When we believe that agriculture is not agricultural production but the agricultural economy and agricultural business, the subject of that economy must have a business mind. Farmers must now consider where to invest, what to do and where and how to sell for best. Therefore, they need to have a business spirit. They are entrepreneurial farmers. Entrepreneurs are not only the ones who work with factories. Farmer households must also act in the spirit of entrepreneurs: Investing to seek profits and get rich."

"Let's go to the countryside, let's do agriculture but do it with an entrepreneurial spirit, knowledge, know-how and digital transformation," he said.

Minister Le Minh Hoan said, in foreign countries, farmers talk like scientists and no one knows they are farmers. There is no other way than to be professional.

The upcoming program on new rural development is oriented to boost sustainable development, enhance value, and focus more on changing farmers' perceptions of the countryside, a place that is worth visiting, working and living.

By Do Ngoc, Vietnam Business Forum