Tra Su Melaleuca Forest - World Class Tourism Destination

10:24:49 AM | 12/31/2021

Struggling with a busy and stuffy life and work, many people are now preferring a countryside hideaway for leisure and relaxation. Tra Su Melaleuca Forest, the immense green lung in the west of the Hau River, in the peaceful and enchanting upstream beauty, is a masterpiece of nature that will give you a magic-like immense feeling in the cool green charm. This place also helps visitors get rid of Covid-19 obsession and catch up with the current trend of “leaving the city for the forest”, an extremely interesting experience that will certainly be a catalyst for stronger ecotourism development.

Rippling blue water surface weaves sparkling rays of light

Lost in the way in the ecotourism galaxy

Tra Su Melaleuca Forest is endowed with distinctive natural resources regarded as a “gold mine” for ecotourism development. The atmosphere and hydrosphere surrounding the forest are unique and the fertile soil is the kingdom for various tropical species in the Southwest region.

“Never exchange environment, culture and social civilization for the economy” because the natural world is inherently vulnerable. Nurturing each individual species, respecting the environment and never making Mother Nature "angry" is a very humane way of thinking, a cultured way of dealing with surrounding entities.

That guideline has been shown by the investor in this tourism model. Deforestation and mountain destruction have caused enormous harm to the global tourism industry. The hard quiz of how to balance economic development and nature conservation has been solved and Tra Su Melaleuca Forest is the right answer. Choosing a way to make tourism products that are responsibly "green" and kind to nature, is completely appropriate at all times.

Mr. Tran Minh Tri, General Director of An Giang Tourimex optimistically said, "This is a catalyst to open countless new doors for the hospitability industry, from remarkable changes in tourist demand, especially the desire to live with nature and sightseeing which are very attractive to visitors". This is an opportunity for An Giang tourism industry to revive in the wake of lackluster, actively lead the market, and ensure a safe, meaningful and subtle trip for visitors.

Charming colors in the mysterious green space

“Landscape paradise” preservation plan for Tra Su Melaleuca Forest

To unlock potential and conserve resources of Tra Su Melaleuca Forest, the An Giang Provincial People’s Committee issued Decision 2674/QD-UBND approving the Project on "Ecological, relaxing and entertaining tourism in Tra Su Melaleuca Forest landscape protected area in 2021 - 2030", aiming to guard the typical and unique natural habitats of the wetland ecosystem.

Short-term profiteering business must be eliminated to bring sustainability factors to the forefront in tourism development. Making good use of natural resources, maintaining biodiversity values ​​such as Melaleuca natural landscape, aquatic species, wild and rare birds are sustainable ways of doing business.

Relaxed in your own kingdom

Vietnamese recognized records - “The longest bamboo bridge in Vietnam” and “The most beautiful and famous Melaleuca forest in Vietnam” - are giving a very different face of Tra Su. The stylized artistic design shows interaction with the overall landscape. Pure Vietnamese "wooden" material highlights distinctive features, praised by the tourism community and makes the place a “4.0 Phenomenon” which inspires younger generations to arrive for check-ins.

With a strong blending over time, other attractions are also extremely alluring, including Kieu Tra Su Bridge, Thuy Ta Wharf - European pigeon castle, bird sanctuary, and five-color bonsai gardens for visitors to freely live a virtual life in the real world.

Blending man-made and natural beauty

Tra Su is a keeper of peace for every visitor seeking to enjoy the pure beauty of the green forest and awaken your emotions. Tra Su Melaleuca Forest is worthy and well deserved to raise the bar to the international level. The goal is to help An Giang province to add more motivation and help investors to nurture the desire to climb to higher milestones. Both sides are joining hands to create a living environment for all local residents to have a peaceful life in the forest and beyond borders.

By Lan Anh, Vietnam Business Forum