Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh Attends VCCI National Congress

11:37:37 AM | 12/31/2021

On December 31, in Hanoi, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh attended the 7th National Congress of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), term 2021-2026.

With the theme "Strong Business Community - Thriving Country", the 7th Congress of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) took place on December 30 -31, 2021 both virtually and physically, connecting VCCI branches across the nation.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh attended and delivered a keynote speech at the National Congress of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry. National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue sent a flower basket of congratulations.

Attending the congress were representatives of leaders of central committees, ministries, branches, agencies and socio-political organizations. The congress also welcomed nearly 450 delegates including the leaders of outstanding businesses and business associations of all sectors and fields of the economy from all parts of the country.

Over the past time, together with the business community, the role, position and prestige of VCCI has been increasingly affirmed and promoted. As a national organization gathering and representing the business community, entrepreneurs, employers and business associations in Vietnam, VCCI has performed its functions and duties well , making many important contributions to the overall achievements of the country.

In the new term, VCCI has proposed six key tasks and solutions, including

 First, actively joining policymaking and facilitating the business environment. The focus will be placed on improving working quality, policymaking, enabling the business environment, and enhancing the communication environment to support business development.

Second, promoting and improving support quality for business development, including solutions to foster business support initiatives toward sustainable development and strengthen SME support activities; encouraging initiatives and increasing support for female-owned businesses; fortifying linkages between SMEs and industry leaders; and urging enterprises to adopt digital transformation, boost human resource training and upgrade corporate governance.

Third, strengthening connectivity to support business development. The focus will be placed on implementing a number of solutions, such as developing and connecting business associations and improving the capacity of business associations and employers.

Fourth, developing the entrepreneur force, building the Vietnamese business culture, including specific solutions for building and developing the entrepreneur force and building the Vietnamese business culture.

Fifth, strengthening connectivity and boosting the effect of international integration, making good use of FTA opportunities to protect and support businesses to enhance adaptability in the integration process.

Sixth, reforming operations and improving the working performance of VCCI, focusing on solutions for consolidating and renovating the working statute of the Executive Board, perfecting internal management system, researching and applying governance innovations and practices adopted by worldwide chambers of commerce; applying information technology to internal governance; launching communication strategies, and building the image of VCCI in association with the business community.

VCCI has also identified three strategic breakthroughs, including:

Joining more deeply and effectively in policymaking, improving the business environment, facilitating business environment, drawing foreign investment funds and motivating the establishment and development of enterprises, enabling enterprises to restore and expand production and business; taking the lead in building business culture, corporate culture and entrepreneurial culture in Vietnam to shape the foundation for business development; and boosting support for enterprises to speed up digital transformation, technology application and business model innovation. VCCI will concentrate on supporting the development of technology enterprises, giving priority to digital technology enterprises and industries such as information technology, electronics, telecommunications, cybersecurity, finance - banking, e-commerce and digital agriculture.

By Vietnam Business Forum