Giang Dien IP and Irresistible Appeal

3:07:18 PM | 4/12/2022

Established in 2017, Sonadezi Giang Dien Joint Stock Company is the operator and manager of Giang Dien Industrial Park and a member of Sonadezi Corporation - a 31-year investor and developer of industrial park infrastructure. After nearly 15 years of development, Giang Dien Industrial Park has become an ideal destination for domestic and foreign investors, created a driving force for local economic and service development and importantly helped increase local budget revenue. So, where does the irresistible attraction of one of the major industrial zones in the southern key economic region come from?

First, the attraction of Giang Dien Industrial Park comes from its prime location in the most dynamic quadrangle of Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Ba Ria - Vung Tau in the southern key economic zone - the area with the largest number of industrial zones in Vietnam. Therefore, the industrial park enjoys absolute advantages in traffic connectivity, just a short drive from the administrative-political center of Dong Nai province, only 44 km from Ho Chi Minh City and 20 km from Bien Hoa City. This location brings great advantages to the industrial park in linking with other provinces, cities and major economic centers in the southeast region.

In addition, Giang Dien Industrial Park is only about 3 km from North-South Railway, 32 km from Saigon Hi-Tech Park, 22 km from Long Thanh Airport, 48 km from Tan Son Nhat International Airport and near Dong Nai Port, Bien Hoa ICD Depot, Go Dau Port, Phuoc An Port, Cai Mep Port, Tan Cang Cat Lai Terminal and Phu My Port. The extremely convenient location has brought advantages to it in transporting and consuming goods. Long Thanh International Airport is expected to be put into operation in 2025. The Government is also urgently building a key synchronous traffic network of the southern key economic zone linked to the airport. For its part, Dong Nai province also has a strategy to accelerate VND17 trillion of investment in the construction of Phuoc An Port (Nhon Trach district), expand Go Dau Port (Long Thanh district) and expand Dong Nai Port (Bien Hoa City) to serve industrial development and commodity transportation in industrial zones in the province. With a series of key transport projects under construction, the freight and material transportation from the Southwest, the Southeast, the Central Highlands and the Central Coast to Dong Nai province, including Giang Dien Industrial Park, will be very convenient in the near future and much quicker than before. This is also a great advantage for the industrial park to attract investment capital in the coming time.

Besides its prime location, the appeal of Giang Dien Industrial Park also comes from its well-built modern and connected infrastructure system. To facilitate investors, the industrial park constructed synchronous infrastructure for different purposes and zones (by company size and by nationality). Up to now, the technical infrastructure system of Giang Dien Industrial Park has been completed and synchronized with a full system of electricity supply, water supply, communication system, wastewater treatment system and traffic system, ready to meet the needs of investors.

Particularly, designed to be an industrial park combined with an urban and service area, Giang Dien also has warehouses, logistics, restaurants, convenience stores, coffee shops, banks, customs services, post offices and office spaces for lease to serve short-term and long-term needs of investors and partners. Notably, the 100-ha Giang Dien Serviced Residential Area, adjacent to the industrial park is surrounded by utility services (schools, kindergartens, hospitals, green parks, amusement and entertainment parks, fitness and sports facilities) to create the best living and working environment for experts and employees, aiming to develop Giang Dien Industrial Park in a sustainable and effective manner.

The third magnet is generated by a variety of industrial products and "soft" infrastructure - practical support services for investors from the time they study and launch their projects till the time their projects go into operation. The company is ready to lease 10,000 square meters of prebuilt factories for lease or for sale, with a flexible individual area of 1,000 - 5,000 square meters, for different needs of tenants of different sizes. The land rental price is the most flexible, attractive and competitive; local labor force is abundant; and raw materials are plentiful.
In addition, since its inception, Giang Dien Industrial Park has also built up solid trust from customers through attractive tax incentives (corporate income tax, import-export duty and VAT); supported customers to carry out procedures on investment registration and business registration and to prepare necessary procedures for investment project establishment; provided a full range of infrastructure services; developed strong ready personnel to quickly fix infrastructure problems to assure customers of doing business. Most importantly, the great support of local authorities has facilitated Giang Dien Industrial Park and its tenants to grow stronger.

Given its favorable factors, Giang Dien Industrial Park is trusted and chosen by domestic and foreign investors as a production base. Its big tenants include Kenda Rubber Co., Ltd., Great Kingdom Giang Dien Co., Ltd., Hokuriku Co., Ltd., Hans Vina Co., Ltd., Global Powersports Manufacturing Inc. (GPMI), and Air Manufacturing Innovation Vietnam Co., Ltd. With effective business operations, tenants have generated a lot of jobs, greatly contributed to local budget revenue and created motivation for economic development and economic restructuring.

Regarding future development direction, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hanh, General Director of Sonadezi Giang Dien Joint Stock Company, said, as an important industrial park in the southern key economic region and in Nhon Trach urban - industrial area, where there will be the largest high-tech park in Vietnam in the coming time, Giang Dien Industrial Park will focus on developing multi-sector business, with special attention paid to woo investors into high-tech, modern and environment-friendly fields. In addition, the industrial park will give priority to manufacturers of telecom products, automated devices, electronics, biological products, digital equipment, information technology, and electromechanical engineering. Investment projects use modern technology and advanced machinery to make products productively and quicken industrialization because they can combine the latest scientific and technological achievements and utilize foreign investment funds for development.

She said, in 2020-2021, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, investment inflows slowed down. At present, when the pandemic is gradually being controlled, global manufacturers are focusing on restructuring their supply chains to reduce their dependence on China. This is also a golden opportunity for Giang Dien Industrial Park to consolidate and strengthen internal resources and prepare land funds for Post-COVID-19 FDI inflows. In addition, the official enactment of many free trade agreements (FTAs) signed by Vietnam (like CPTPP, IPA and EVFTA) will create a launch pad for Vietnam's economy to go deeper into the world economy.  This progress will also help the development and investment attraction of industrial zones throughout the country, including Dong Nai province. To effectively accommodate this investment wave, Giang Dien Industrial Park will step up investment promotion in target markets, aiming to increase its occupancy rate, upgrade the infrastructure and provide support services to better meet investors’ needs to become a reliable address for domestic and foreign investors.

By Vietnam Business Forum