Triple Supports for Farmers to Get Rich

10:07:15 AM | 5/17/2022

"If you want to be very rich, raise fish. If you want to be relatively rich, raise pigs" is a popular saying of farmers. Despite certain fluctuations, fish farming is always a reliable bread-winning career for them. If things go smooth, this laborious profession can make farmers billionaires. However, if failed, they will be empty-handed.

Attractive profitability of fish farming has inspired farmers to accept a risky game - the biggest cause of failure: Embarking on aquaculture without full knowledge of techniques, nutrition and breeding. Therefore, farmers need to be aware that they cannot bet their fortune on luck but must carefully build their own reasonable farming model, particularly following the "triple support" method suggested by Sao Mai Super Feed, to develop sustainable fish farming.

Sao Mai Super Feed is a smart choice for farmers

Good food starts for healthy fish

Feed is the first piece of a complete picture that helps farmers realize their dream of successful fish farming. In aquaculture, feed plays a key role in creating product quality and cost.

To have uniformly developed strong fish stocks, farmers need to actively provide an appropriate source of "nutrition". According to experts, choosing a quality feed source will be a "golden key" for farmers to open 70% of the door to productivity and commerciality.

Understanding their needs and upholding dedication to quality, Sao Mai Super Feed has constantly applied advanced know-how and made organic nutritious, effective aquafeeds free from banned substances, thus helping them increase farming effects and raise fish quality.

The feed factory is operated with such quality standards as HACCP, ISO, GLOBALGAP, ASC and BAP

Sao Mai aqua feed is researched and produced in consultation with leading domestic and foreign experts. With natural nutritional ingredients such as protein, lipids, calcium, vitamins and amino acids, Sao Mai Super Feed provides adequate nutrients for each growth stage of fish that makes them grow uniformly and enhance their resistance. Fish grows fast with sturdy, sleek and fragrant flesh. Strong fish will also help transport more easily when harvested.

In particular, this popular aqua feed brand has also continuously launched new products, dedicated to catfish, basa fish, snakehead fish, clown knifefish, tilapia, red tilapia, grass carp and common carp, both fingerlings and adults. Sao Mai Super Feed is now available at distributors and agents across Vietnam and well trusted by customers.

Good stock for commercial fish quality

It is said that “If there is a good stock, there will be good fish; if there is a good seedling, there will be good rice”. Indeed, stock is considered the second most important factor for a successful farming. If fries are of high quality, they will grow quickly and resist diseases, thus reducing production costs. Therefore, farmers need to choose fries from reputable producers with clear origin and quality assurance.

In the coming time, Sao Mai Super Feed will cooperate with IDI Company with Israeli experts to build fingerling research centers in An Giang and Dong Thap provinces. Its farms operated with European technologies are fully certified for disease free by the Department of Fisheries. They supply first-class fingerlings for farmers in the Mekong Delta and for the whole country.

Israeli experts and Sao Mai staffs are visiting farming areas

Effective farms and good techniques

Sao Mai Super Feed is aware that good feeds and quality stocks are not the only key to success for fish farmers.

To help farmers overcome barriers in production, the company has built a strong team of professional technical staffs to support and train farmers to care and use right feeds for each stage of growth.

Sao Mai Super Feed is training fish farming techniques for farmers

Every week, staffs take sampling, instruct farmers to check, treat and disinfect diseased fish. At the same time, they monitor and check water sources and farming areas in accordance with standards and regulations, hence assessing the quality of feeds and helping farmers to have healthy fish.

Farmers reap great success thanks to Sao Mai Super Feed     

These “three key” strong supports for Sao Mai Super Feed help farmers get high profitability and commerciality in fish farming. If this model is replicated, it will be practical and helpful for the agricultural economy in many regions and regions, especially the Mekong Delta. Getting riches is not difficult for enterprising people.

By Khanh Hung, Vietnam Business Form