Hai Phong Customs: Trade Value Tops US$10Mln/Month for First Time

8:28:45 AM | 5/31/2022

The Hai Phong Customs Department processed customs procedures for US$10.036 billion of exports and imports in April, for the first time exceeding the US$10-billion level a month. Of the sum, exports accounted for nearly US$4.95 billion, up 27.5% year on year. Taxable exports are valued at US$46.59 million, up 98.7%.

Imports were worth nearly US$5.1 billion in the month, up 12.1% over April 2021, and taxable imports reached US$2.18 billion, up 26.5%.

Well-performing exports included automobiles that brought home US$105.98 million, up 0.6% year on year; auto parts and components (US$84.12 million, up 21.0%); motorcycle parts and accessories (US$1.88 million, up 0.4%); gasoline (US$75.31 million, up 7.4%); beer and wine (US$1.25 million, up 12.8%); iron and steel (US$368.40 million, up 40.5%); and cosmetics (US$920,000, up 27.8%).

Thus, April was the first month of this year that the trade value surpassed US$10 billion at Hai Phong Customs Department. The value in January, February and March was US$9.54 billion, more than US$7.6 billion and US$9.993 billion, respectively.

By Hien Le, Vietnam Business Forum