Hau Giang Business Association Strengthening Connections, Supporting Business Development

1:45:23 PM | 6/13/2022

As a focal point and representative of the local business community, the Business Association of Hau Giang province has promoted links, supported, and motivated the member businesses to develop. Those efforts have contributed to the successful implementation of socio-economic goals, making Hau Giang a bright spot in attracting investment.

The Business Association of Hau Giang province was established under Decision 31/QD-UBND signed by the Provincial People's Committee on January 12, 2015. In nearly seven years of operation, the Association has successfully completed its plans and objectives, contributing to socio-economic development, promoting the improvement of the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), and creating an increasingly favorable business environment and attracting investment.

Currently, the Business Association has nearly 200 active members. In order to promote its role as an organization that always protects legitimate interests within the framework of the law, the Business Association regularly cooperates with functional agencies to organize training programs on legal knowledge for the business community.

In addition, in order to promote the role of connecting provincial leaders and businesses, the Association regularly organizes programs such as "business coffee" (once a month); “Dialogue with Enterprises” (once quarterly); thematic training sessions and seminars to gather opinions of members and businesses to report and propose to provincial leaders and VCCI to promptly remove difficulties and facilitate enterprises to stabilize production.

In particular, as the business community has been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, it regularly grasps the situation, supports businesses to overcome difficulties, maintain production and gradually recover the economy. With the support of the Association, many businesses have had good responses, found new directions in production and business. The Association has created confidence in the business community.

In 2020, the Association successfully put into operation the HGBA-SBY App, creating an online interactive environment for members. In 2021, the Association cooperated with the authorities to organize two online business dialogue sessions and one Business Coffee session. In addition, the Association also coordinated to organize a seminar program themed "Leverage for agricultural product logistics in the Mekong Delta" with the participation of leading experts in the logistics industry and enterprises nationwide; attended more than 30 meetings, and conferences with the authorities with the content of comments on the promulgation of economic development policies suitable to the actual situation of businesses in the locality; and administrative procedure reform support.

With the vision and mission of "Connecting Hau Giang enterprises to the world", the Association pays special attention to activities to improve the capacity of enterprises. It regularly organizes many training classes and seminars to improve capacity and update knowledge for members, focusing on some contents such as Digital transformation; Management of marketing, sales, markets, and supply chain; Advanced training courses: Chief Executive Officer (CEO); Chief Production Officer (CPO); and Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Mr. Pham Tien Hoai, Chairman of Hau Giang Business Association, said that in the coming time, the Association would continue to organize many contents and activities to improve operational efficiency as well as promote and effectively sell products of member enterprises.

Not only performing well in the role as a focal point, but the Hau Giang Business Association has also mobilized members and businesses to actively participate in social security activities, contribute to the socio-economic development of the province, and join hands to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic, support the people in the Central region in natural disasters.

In 2022, the Association will promote business linkages in each industry group to share experiences, and cooperation opportunities as well as attract more members to join. It is expected to build and publish the Yellow Pages of members of the Provincial Business Association to introduce Hau Giang enterprises to the domestic and foreign business community.

Accompanying the local government in the process of improving the business environment, creating conditions for investors coming to the province to truly become "residents of Hau Giang", the Association will continue to maintain the programs “Business Coffee" and “Dialogue with Enterprises", and cooperate with departments, committees and sectors to participate in investment promotion sessions.

In addition, it will regularly connect with business associations in the region and the whole country to inform about the policies and commitments of provincial leaders in attracting investment. It will connect with business associations in the region to support businesses and members in expanding production material areas and product consumption markets to join the provincial leaders in realizing the goal of making 2022 the year of enterprises, “thereby contributing to realizing the goal of making the Association well develop, bringing together talented, intellectual and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to facilitate local development, unanimously implementing the motto ‘Connecting entrepreneurs, enhancing businesses,’" affirmed Mr. Pham Tien Hoai.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum