Reciprocal Relationship for Mutual Development

10:20:06 AM | 6/20/2022

Companies need press and media to access business information and promote their brands, products and services. Press also needs enterprises and entrepreneurs for creative inputs and inspiration.

Mutual relationship

At 5:00 p.m. on July 29, 2021, Tien Giang Provincial People’s Committee delivered an urgent dispatch, requesting the closure of all industrial parks and export processing zones in the province amid a sharp increase in new COVID-19 infections despite thoroughly applying the factory-based production scheme.

This closure caused supply disruptions to local enterprises which could not guarantee the supply of essential goods to the market. Meanwhile, just a few days before, the Prime Minister had instructed suppliers of essential goods to ensure food for people in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding provinces, who were isolated. Enterprises were placed in a difficult position and could hardly respond to new developments in time.

Before difficulties faced by businesses, the press quickly stepped in and reflected on their hardships caused by inappropriate policies that resulted in the slowing supply of essential goods. Among them, regulations on mandatory PCR testing of drivers were different from place to place and vaccination policies were also inconsistent, even for “frontliners against the pandemic”.

These are the most vivid and clearest proofs of the cooperative, reciprocal, rapid and topical relationship between the press and the business for mutual development.

In economic development, the parallelism of the press and the business always receives much attention. This is a strong, objective and increasingly shared partnership.

The press is not only a channel to provide information, and convey mechanisms and policies of the Party and State to enterprises but also to reflect thoughts and aspirations of enterprises to State decisions.

Through the press, businesses raise their voices to draft laws and fight against bad deeds in a bid to build a better business environment. Then, the press also joins the business community to supervise the enactment of Government policies, especially in administrative procedure reforms.

The press also helps improve national business competitiveness, a bridge for them to integrate into the international economy.

It is an increasingly close and effective two-way reciprocal relationship.

Open cooperation

Enterprises need the press to be an effective tool to introduce and promote their images and brands. At the same time, businesses and entrepreneurs are also an inspiration and a source of topics for the press.

The press also acts on behalf of competent authorities to detect cases where businesses are showing signs of law violation, for example unhealthy business and environmental destruction.

For that reason, cooperation between the press and the business is not always smooth and stable.

Indeed, no one wants to be exposed to the public about their shortcomings and weaknesses, especially their illegal activities. Meanwhile, due to professional requirements and characteristics, the press does not always provide positive, one-way information.

However, according to corporate strategy consultant Do Thanh Nam, there are also one-sided articles, delivering inaccurate information that can cause unpredictable consequences for businesses.

This leads to the fact that the press and the business, although they are going together, are still hesitant and not really open to each other. Many experts believe that this relationship is still cold and sometimes antagonistic.

Affirming the reciprocal relationship between the press and the business, Vietnamese President Nguyen Xuan Phuc once said, "The press should create social consensus and share with enterprises and entrepreneurs and create opportunities for them to build their images. In communications, the press should honor more good business examples and excellent businesspeople in society to motivate and encourage them. They also need to be open and proactive in providing information to the press for effective cooperation.

By Giang Tu, Vietnam Business Forum