Building Modern Urban Area with Rich Identity

5:54:06 AM | 8/19/2022

Thanks to the efforts of the government and the companionship of businesses and investors, An Giang urban areas have made rapid development steps, thereby promoting the local socio-economic development and improving the quality of life.

The face of urban areas has significantly changed

Up to now, the total number of urban areas in An Giang province is 22 (the urbanization rate is about 41%), including: 1 urban area of class I: Long Xuyen city; 1 urban area of class II: Chau Doc city; 1 urban area of class III: Tan Chau town; 7 urban areas of class IV; 12 urban areas of class V.

Over the past time, the Construction industry has coordinated and advised the Provincial People's Committee to issue 30 key projects prioritized to attract investment capital in the province in 2022, especially the field of infrastructure - urban areas and housing have 8 projects. In particular, the Construction investment project with mixed service functions in the South of Long Xuyen city (My Thoi ward, Long Xuyen city) has an area of 58ha and a total estimated investment of VND17,767 billion; the Construction investment project with mixed service function in the south of Pham Cu Luong street (My Quy and My Thoi wards, Long Xuyen city) has an area of 112ha and a total estimated investment of VND34,308 billion; the Construction investment project with mixed service functions in the West of Long Xuyen city (My Quy and My Thoi wards) has an area of 217ha and a total estimated investment of VND 66,472 billion.

With the position of a class-I urban area, Long Xuyen city and the satellite area have emerged as a typical example of development, have been attracting a series of investors here such as: T&T Group, Sao Mai Group, TNR Group, TH Group, BIM Land Joint Stock Company,…

In addition to Long Xuyen city, investors also participate in investing in many housing development projects in other urban areas in the province, significantly changing the face of urban areas, promoting the socio-economic development of the locality, increasingly improved life quality.

According to the construction development plan just issued by the Department of Construction of An Giang province, by 2023 the province will have 24 urban areas and the province's urbanization rate will reach 42%.

Well perform planning

In construction and urban development, planning and management of construction and architecture planning are a necessary job, creating an important premise for building synchronous technical infrastructure and developing urban areas with stable and sustainable goals.

The Long Xuyen City bypass project is expected to expand the local urban space

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Cuong, Deputy Director of An Giang Department of Construction, said that along with the achievements in socio-economic development of An Giang province, planning - architecture was an effective tool to help all levels, provincial sectors and localities in directing, administering and performing political tasks, contributing to concretizing strategic goals of socio-economic development; developing modern architectural works in the province with rich national cultural identity in association with national defense and security assurance and typical ecological environment of the Mekong Delta.

“Since the Law on Urban Planning and the Law on Architecture took effect, with the close attention and direction of the Provincial Party Committee, the solidarity and consensus of the leaders of the Provincial People's Committee, the Provincial People's Council, the consensus by the authorities at all levels and above all with the agreement of the people in the province, the planning and architecture work has achieved initial achievements", said Mr. Nguyen Quoc Cuong.

It is known that up to now, in the whole province, there are about 250 urban planning projects, construction plans of functional areas that have been invested and managed in accordance with planning approved by competent authorities. In particular: planning for construction of functional areas include about 34 projects (there is 1 general planning project for construction of An Giang border-gate economic zone, in An Giang province by 2030 under the approval authority of the Prime Minister) and urban planning include about 216 projects (including general planning, zoning planning, detailed planning and a total ground scale 1/500).

According to the assessment of the Department of Construction of An Giang province, the planning and management of construction planning and urban architecture in the province are increasingly paid attention. As a result, the urban appearance has changed in terms of architectural form, modernity, construction technology, integration and especially compliance with legal regulations on construction codes, fire safety and environmental protection standards.

All approved construction planning projects have guidelines and management regulations on planning, architectural space, landscape and environmental assessment. In the urban center, the main streets and new urban areas all have design regulations on the high floors, the extent of the balcony, and the setback of the work; for large, key works, important works, highlights in urban areas, the competition will be held in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Architecture to choose the optimal architectural plan.

In addition, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Cuong said, the Department of Construction had advised the Provincial People's Committee to issue Decision No. 1564/QD-UBND dated July 12th, 2021 on the establishment of a Council to appraise tasks and construction planning projects, urban planning under the approval authority of the People's Committee of An Giang province; advising the Provincial People's Committee to organize a contest to select ideas for adjusting the Master Plan of Long Xuyen City to 2035, with a vision to 2050; Planning of Chau Doc city to 2035, with avision to 2050; The zoning plan at the scale of 1/2000 of the urban area in the West of Long Xuyen City in the direction of inviting domestic consultants in combination with foreign consultants;... Following this planning orientation, the province has invited many investors who are interested in and register to implement the project, helping many levels of authorities in construction management, making construction investment more favorable to promote socio-economic growth of the locality and at the same time ensuring urban aesthetic architecture.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum