VCCI Vice President Receives Delegation of LXI

10:34:09 AM | 8/24/2022

On August 18, at VCCI headquarters, VCCI Vice President Nguyen Quang Vinh welcomed the delegation of LX International Corp (LXI) led by Vice President Lee Jin Young.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh updated the LXI delegation on the macroeconomic situation, Vietnam's investment environment, and the policies of the Vietnamese Government in controlling inflation, trade and investment cooperation between Vietnam and Korea.

He also introduced potential projects calling for investment, products that Vietnam tends to import a lot, as well as items that Vietnam is trying to export.

LXI Vice President Lee Jin Young shared about the innovation of LXI and expressed his desire to find new investment opportunities as well as business partners that are members of VCCI.

LXI Group was formerly known as LG International, a subsidiary of the 4th largest corporation in Korea, LG Group. LG International's name change to LXI in July 2021 reflects a push to regenerate the company and promote the group's competitiveness. LXI currently has 850 employees, operating mainly in investment, trade, and multi-specialties: coal, hydropower, gas exploitation, and hotels. LXI operates in a network in more than 20 different countries, including Vietnam.

Thu Huyen (Vietnam Business Forum)