Meyhomes Capital Crystal City Leads Creation of First Innovation Hub of Phu Quoc

10:45:12 AM | 9/7/2022

Like DNA, what makes each person unique, innovation is also the only way to make breakthrough success and achieve sustainable development. At Meyhomes Capital Crystal City, innovation is likened to the DNA for construction of the first "Innovation Hub" model of Phu Quoc.

Innovation Hub - An incubator and nurturer of DNA innovations. The photo is for illustration purposes only

Innovation - DNA of success

Apple, founded in 1976, was valued at about US$100 million in 1980, led by Steve Jobs. However, after 1985, Jobs' departure caused Apple to plunge without any stop, stray from its original direction and fall into the brink of bankruptcy. In 1997, he returned to Apple, revived its brand by adhering to the original core operating philosophy, “Think Different”. “Think Different” and constant innovations, led by Steve Jobs, created the most valuable brand in the world, over US$355 billion (according to recent research by Brand Directory).

Dubai is another example, a model of boundless innovation in urban development thinking. From an arid and poor desert, after just over 20 years, Dubai has developed rapidly and emerged as a new economic hub of the world as it possesses the most marvelous constructions such as The Palm Islands - the world's largest and most beautiful artificial archipelago and Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world. Dubai is also highly appreciated for its open approach to immigration and foreign investment, technology investment and respect for knowledge economy.

The leader of this miraculous development is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). He affirmed, “We believe that the shortest path to the bright future we are looking for lies in an innovative and pioneering approach” (Book, My Vision).

Looking at these "giants", it can be seen that innovation is the DNA of success for any individual, business or city. Referring to dynamic and potential cities of Vietnam, Phu Quoc is a young city that is planned to become a center of tourism and high-class services, a center of science of the nation and Southeast Asia. Endowed with exquisite nature, with hundreds of tourism projects, large urban settlements and dozens of 5-star international hotel brands, Phu Quoc is on the runway to become a "second Singapore of Asia".

Right now, using innovation DNA is essential to make the 'Pearl Island' a destination not only for tourists but also for professionals and highly knowledgeable people who need the most favorable environment for study, work and connection.

Library and cafeteria for the startup community. The photo is for illustration purposes only

Meyhomes Capital Crystal City - Paradise of innovation

According to studies, the DNA model in city or urban planning is designed from innovations built on three pillars: Education, policy institutions, and leading economic sectors. A city with a innovation DNA offers potential for sustainable development and resilience to economic/financial crises. On that basis, Tan A Dai Thanh creates a model of "Innovation District" called Meyhomes Capital Crystal City - one of functional districts of Meyhomes Capital Crystal City Phu Quoc.

“On the basis of a marine tourism city with the sea and islands, at Crystal City, we focus on developing an educational environment and building a community to “incubate” and nurture creativity and establish institutions and environment for innovation. Then, we create a diverse ecosystem that satisfies two criteria: Fostering innovation and nurturing talent", a representative of Tan A Dai Thanh Group said.

Specifically, Crystal City creates modern infrastructure for education and physical fitness and promotes research and innovation. Right here, there are four world-class schools connected with two international schools in the megacity within a radius of 200m to offer an internationally integrated educational environment.

Crystal City highlights a 2,500-square meter Innovation Hub - a place that gathers idea banks, innovation incubators and innovation demonstrations of internal and external residents to create the Innovation Club, an innovation community. There is a library with millions of books - a huge knowledge store for residents to study and research.

In addition to infrastructure construction, the investor also established many innovation support activities at Crystal City, including a large-scale TDT Research and Development Center of Tan A Dai Thanh - a bridge that supports development of residents' ideas with governmental and nongovernmental organizations, accompanies people on the way to realize their ideas. Co-Working Space is a place that supports startups with free offices and launches innovation and technology activities.

Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc - The crystal city at the heart 
of Pearl Island
A product developed by the national brand Tan A Dai Thanh

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In addition, Crystal City has a beautiful landscape with 30,000 square meters of trees, 78 internal parks, a 5,000-square meter Center Park Lake, two theme parks, sports and entertainment centers, polyclinic healthcare facilities to create a healthy living environment, promote physical and mental health, and stimulate creativity.

Pioneering the establishment of the maiden "Innovation Hub", Crystal City creates a perfect ecosystem and contributes to attracting intelligentsia and elites to settle down and establish their long-term career, helping Phu Quoc achieve the goal of becoming a high-class tourism and service center and a scientific center of the country and Southeast Asia.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum