Promoting Agriculture Cooperation between Polish and Vietnamese Enterprises

12:25:47 PM | 11/17/2022

“Tasteful Europe” is a program sponsored by the European Union to promote European agricultural products and Food and Beverage (F&B) to the world. Within the framework of this program, with the support of the Embassy of Poland in Vietnam and the Polish Trade and Investment Department, the Promotion Center of the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry led a delegation of Polish enterprises to visit the Vietnam market in November 2022.

At the press conference to introduce the program, Polish Ambassador Wojciech Gerwel said that Vietnam and Poland had great potential for cooperation.

“One of the important foundations in the relationship between the two countries is that the number of international students and Vietnamese in Poland is quite large. They are the bridge for investment and business cooperation,” confirmed the Polish Ambassador.

In particular, Vietnam is a fast-growing economy in Southeast Asia, and Poland is also the fastest-growing economy in Europe. The two countries' trade turnover in the past year has reached the threshold of US$5 billion, most of which is the export of products from Poland to Vietnam. In particular, cooperation in agricultural products and food has a lot of potential. Vietnam and Poland are both countries with strengths in the agricultural sector. The Polish side currently has a great demand for products belonging to Vietnam's export strengths such as rice, shrimp, mango, litchi, and cashew nuts. Poland can provide Vietnam with many food items and clean processing such as fresh and canned fruit, products made from beef, pork, and poultry, especially sausages of high quality, produced according to EU standards.

Polish Ambassador Wojciech Gerwel said that in Vietnam, there is a tendency to pay attention to organic food. In this case, Polish products can completely meet the requirements of Vietnamese people.

"Our food products enrich the choices and meet the needs of Vietnamese people. I also hope that in the near future, Vietnamese agricultural products will also appear on the table of the Polish people," said Polish Ambassador Wojciech Gerwel.

According to Mr. Piotr Ziemann, Chairman of the Polish Association of Processed Meat Producers, in the past 16 years, Poland's export volume has increased 12 times, of which Poland accounts for 83% of European beef exports, 60% of poultry meat, 50% of pork and over 80% of agricultural products. Polish products not only have a large export volume but are also considered very safe.

In fact, all kinds of cows, pigs or chickens in the process of raising are likely to encounter diseases such as blue ear disease, and influenza, but Poland has used advanced and safe breeding technology for these diseases. “We have received requests from 63 provinces/cities in Vietnam asking Poland to help fight livestock diseases during the breeding process. We will coordinate with Vietnamese businesses to be able to cooperate and transfer livestock processes and clean processing technology in the near future,” said Mr. Piotr Ziemann.

Chairman of the Promotion Center of the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bozena Wroblewska said that on this occasion, enterprises of the two countries in the field of F&B had a trade exchange program. Eight suppliers from Ban Lan and over 30 Vietnamese importers and distributors in this field attended the event. This was a good opportunity for the two sides to directly discuss issues of mutual concern in order to find new business opportunities.

Anh Mai (Vietnam Business Forum)