Vietnamese Businesses Strive to Green the Economy

9:26:04 AM | 3/28/2023

The Vietnam Association of Foreign-Invested Enterprises (VAFIE) recently hosted a ceremony to release the Annual Report on Foreign Direct Investment 2022, featuring green growth and digital transformation. Currently, foreign investment is on the way to enter Vietnam's green energy sector.

Although solar power is an emerging industry in Vietnam, it is a global development megatrend. Vietnam has a huge potential for solar energy due to its proximity to the equator and the existence of dry and sunny areas in the south. With optimistic growth and outstanding achievements, An Hao Solar Park invested by Sao Mai Group is honored to be voted as one of the Top 10 renewable energy projects in Vietnam for many consecutive years.

An Hao Solar Park Tourist Site

According to the American online technology website Earth and Human (EHC), “solar energy is an inexhaustible renewable energy source endowed on human beings. This is the fastest-growing energy source in many parts of the world today. It is expected to surpass hydroelectricity and become the most widely used energy source in the world by 2030.”

The most successful one is possibly An Hao Solar Park in Tinh Bien district, An Giang province, Vietnam. It is famously likened to a strong “magnet” that lures netizens, domestic and foreign business communities. While ensuring national energy security and being absolutely friendly to the surrounding environment, there is a specialized power storage solution powered by energy conservation equipment and technologies imported from advanced countries in the world.

In addition to revenue from commercial electricity, this place has enhanced the mixed development of "green tourism" and "organic agriculture" on the same land to bring the added value to the highest possible. The solar park is blessed with a picturesque stature that leans on Cam Mountain, the highest of That Son Range. This place is also famous for its charming scenery and fresh climate.

This is gradually becoming a must-visit attraction for tourists from all over the world. It is also very famous for the spiritual culture and beliefs about the legend on Buddhist Rock Hand.

Legendary Buddhist Rock Hand in An Hao Solar Park

Visitors can experience and explore the majestic solar farm, travel on electric cars to watch long lines of green batteries or try the feeling of embracing the earth, the sky and the mountain in your arm when standing on the Sao Mai Tower. Looking further, they will see immense fields and fruitful jaggery trees in the frontier.

This place is also known as the paradise of flowers because they do not grow alone but are skillfully planted into dreamy, airy gardens with charming pinkish garden cosmos, yellow sunflowers, violet heather and countless lovely miniatures that form a unique backdrop for mesmerizing photos.

According to USAID's General Director, “The fact that Vietnam currently relies on 25% of solar energy is a big step. But given huge emissions from the US, from Vietnam's neighbors and from Vietnam itself, we need to accelerate that process and the transition to renewable energy, which includes but is not limited to, solar power.”

USAID and Sao Mai Group

Christine Gandomi, representative of USAID Vietnam, affirmed that “An Hao Solar Park was supported and appreciated from the very beginning until it is operated more effectively than expected. It is making an important contribution to limiting greenhouse gas emissions, protecting the environment and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Minh Ngoc (Vietnam Business Forum)