Resolution 41-NQ/TW - An Encouragement for Entrepreneurs

9:27:38 AM | 10/16/2023

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, Chairwoman of Sovico, said that the Politburo's recent Resolution 41-NQ/TW resonated well with the entrepreneurial community.

The business community commits with the highest determination to continue contributing tirelessly to the development of a strong Vietnam

Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, speaking at the meeting "Permanent Government Members Meeting Entrepreneurs on Vietnamese Entrepreneurs' Day," expressed her excitement about the issuance of Resolution 41-NQ/TW on October 10, 2023, emphasizing the construction and enhancement of the role of the Vietnamese entrepreneurial workforce in the new era.

"I am pleased to share with you another piece of good news received today at the conference: the Politburo has just passed a resolution that is very important to our entrepreneurs." "It is a resolution aimed at strengthening the role of entrepreneurs in the country's socioeconomic development," said Sovico Chairwoman.

She also underlined the business community's unwavering commitment to the building of a strong, just, and civilized Vietnam. "On behalf of the business community, I pledge our undying commitment to the conference, the Government, and the Prime Minister, pledging our undying determination to continue tirelessly contributing to the development of a prosperous Vietnam, a society of equality and civilization, for the happiness of the people." We will continue to offer creative goods with the Vietnamese brand to serve the Vietnamese people and the rest of the world, to bring the rest of the world to Vietnam, and to bring Vietnam to the global stage," Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao remarked.

Sovico's leadership also indicated a wish to receive direction, initiatives, and policies that would create conditions for support, incentive, and confidence for Vietnamese firms to expand in an innovative and creative manner.

Resolution 41-NQ/TW, released on October 10, 2023, covering the development and strengthening of the role of the Vietnamese entrepreneurial workforce in the new age, incorporates a number of new features in its views, orientations, aims, tasks, and solutions.

Resolution 41, in particular, highlights the crucial position and function of the entrepreneurial workforce, comparable to Resolution 09-NQ/TW, but with an added focus on being "one of the core forces." This amendment intends to support the country's efforts toward industrialization, modernization, and international integration, as well as the development of an autonomous, self-sufficient economy that ensures national defense and security.

It also highlights the significance of cultivating and promoting a strong business community with a patriotic spirit, a willingness to contribute, and a reverence for the law, all of which contribute to the nation's prosperous and joyful growth.

The resolution outlines the Party, the State, the political system, and the entrepreneurial community's responsibility for harnessing the strength of the Vietnamese entrepreneurial workforce and creating a conducive, safe, and equal environment for investment and business, as part of the ongoing process of perfecting the socialist-oriented market economy and building a socialist rule-of-law state.

The overall goal of Resolution 41 is to develop a robust entrepreneurial workforce in terms of quantity, quality, reasonable structure, vision, intelligence, ethics, business spirit, legitimate wealth accumulation, dynamism, innovation, advanced management capacity, law-abiding conduct, ethics, and business culture reflecting the nation's identity. Entrepreneurs are required to take on social duties, be environmentally responsible, and contribute significantly to the nation's development goals.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, Chairwoman of Sovico Group, expressed her joy at the issuance of Resolution 41-NQ/TW by the Politburo

The objective is to establish a strong Vietnamese entrepreneurial workforce that can fulfill the demands of industrialization and modernization by 2030. More enterprises will be encouraged to meet regional requirements, and some may even meet global norms. Several significant corporations are projected to take the lead in important areas and fields. various firms are expected to play critical roles in global supply chains and value chains, as well as to lead various industrial and agricultural value chains, with worldwide competitiveness in basic, priority, and spearhead industries.

Looking ahead to 2045, the ambition is to establish a Vietnamese entrepreneurial workforce with the scale, ability, and credentials to satisfy the country's growth, high income, regional, and worldwide prestige goals. A number of these businesses are projected to have global brands, lead certain supply networks, and participate in global value chains.

Resolution 41 specifies seven categories of comprehensive tasks and solutions to execute the established viewpoints and objectives, adjusted to the current environment and situation, in order to attain these goals:

First, raising awareness of the entrepreneurial workforce's position and role in achieving the country's development goals.

Second, creating a fair, safe, and egalitarian investment and business climate for entrepreneurs and enterprises to flourish and contribute through improving regulations and legislation.

Third, developping Create a strong entrepreneurial workforce capable of meeting the country's new development objectives and duties.

Fourth, building an ethical business culture, tap into the national spirit, and inspire a desire for the country's successful and joyful growth.

Fifth, increasing unity, cooperation, and collaboration among businesses, workers, farmers, and intellectuals under the Party's leadership.

Sixth, leveraging the function of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which represents entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Seventh, enhancing the role of the entrepreneurial workforce through strengthening the Party's leadership and State management.

Source: Business Forum Magazine