Viet Nam Welcomes Over 11.2 Million Foreign Arrivals in Jan-Nov Period

11:24:39 AM | 12/5/2023

The number of foreign arrivals to Viet Nam surpassed 11.2 million in the past 11 months, representing a year-on-year increase of 280.2 percent, according to the Viet Nam National Authority of Tourism.

Foreign tourists dive and observe coral and marine life in Phu Quoc – Illustration photo

In November alone, Viet Nam received over 1.23 million foreign visitors, or 11 percent higher than last month, accounting for 106.6 percent of that in the same period last year.

South Korea was the biggest tourist source market with 3.2 million visitors, making up 28.5 percent, followed by China with 1.5 million, Chinese Taipei with 758,000, the U.S. with 658,000 and Japan with 527,000.

Noticeablly, as many as 1.25 million foreigners entered Viet Nam since the introduction of new visa policy taking effective from August 15, an increase of 1.6 times against the same period last year.

The new visa policy extends visa-free stay from 15 to 45 days for those from 13 countries, and permits people from other 12 countries to enjoy 14-90 day visa exemption.

Source: VGP