Outward Investment Values US$25 Million in Jan-Feb

11:06:43 AM | 3/4/2024

Vietnamese enterprises invested over US$25 million in 17 new projects aboard in the first two months of 2024, equal to 21.7 percent of the capital registered in the same period last year, the Foreign Investment Agency reported.

Vietnamese investors poured capital in eight industries, in which wholesale and retail accounted for 39.4 percent, real estate business 21.5 percent, and construction 20 percent.

The U.S. was the top investment destination ast it absorbed 26.6 percent of total outward investment capital, followed by New Zealand with 23.5 percent and Germany with 21.5 percent.

Last year, Viet Nam's total outbound investment reached US$420.9 million.

As of February 20, Viet Nam had 1,716 valid investment projects abroad, with a combined capital of over US$22.1 billion, mainly in mining, agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

Laos was the largest FDI recipient country of Viet Nam by occupying 24.8 percent of the total, followed by Cambodia (13.2 percent), and Venezuela (8.3 percent).

Source: VGP