Check-Ins on Enchanting Beauty of Green Carpets

8:40:21 AM | 5/1/2024

Dong Thap Muoi Ecological Conservation Area, characterized by its unique unspoiled natural beauty and a variety of eco-friendly tourism services, offers tourists an opportunity to explore biodiversity and experience memorable adventures.

Navigating through the forest on an electric vehicle offers a unique and memorable experience

The forthcoming five-day holiday, occurring on April 30 and May 1 this year, is anticipated to bring higher temperatures than usual. Amidst the intense heat, opting for a serene, green location is a judicious decision. Immersed in the captivating verdant forest, visitors will experience a sensation akin to a refreshing rain shower. Meandering paths lined with trees offer an opportunity for visitors to breathe in the cool breeze and alleviate the oppressive heat.

A visit to Dong Thap Muoi Nature Reserve provides a plethora of outdoor tourism and sports activities. Visitors can enjoy boating and cycling along routes through the melaleuca forest, or enjoy a leisurely stroll under the forest canopy to observe rare avian species.

The Dong Thap Muoi Ecological Nature Reserve is home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna, including numerous rare species

The captivating verdancy of the Dong Thap Muoi Nature Reserve is truly enchanting

The expansive green vistas of the Dong Thap Muoi Nature Reserve create an inviting, safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for tourists, while enhancing local livelihoods. The unique attributes of this location redefine the concept of ‘100% natural’ ecotourism.

Escaping the hustle and bustle of city life, visitors to the Dong Thap Muoi Ecological Nature Reserve can immerse themselves in the tranquility of the forest, surrounded by the rich biodiversity of southern Vietnam’s flora and fauna. This destination, considered a therapeutic sanctuary, offers a peaceful and simplistic retreat, helping visitors find serenity.

The captivating verdancy of the Dong Thap Muoi Nature Reserve is truly enchanting

By Hoa Ha, Vietnam Business Forum