Ninh Thuan Irrigation Management Co., Ltd: Sustaining Agricultural Development

4:20:06 PM | 5/28/2024

Ninh Thuan Irrigation Management Co., Ltd has consistently strived to serve as the indispensable foundation for sustainable agricultural development, earning the trust of the government and the public through its efficacious and strategic policies. Through these efforts, the company has collaborated with farmers to yield abundant harvests.

Mr. Le Pham Hoa Binh, Director of Ninh Thuan Irrigation Management Co., Ltd

Proud development journey

A majority of Ninh Thuan people live on agriculture. However, in recent years, local agricultural production has been unstable due to harsh weather, especially widespread and continuous drought. With effective management and operation of State-funded irrigation projects, the gradually improved supply of water for daily life, livestock farming and production has significantly supported socioeconomic development of Ninh Thuan province, with localities and regions benefiting from irrigation systems.

To mitigate weather-caused damage, Ninh Thuan Irrigation Management Co., Ltd has focused on many plans to prevent and combat drought and water shortage, and ensured safety for dams and reservoirs during the rainy season. At present, Ninh Thuan province has 23 water reservoirs with a total designed capacity of 417.7 million cubic meters to water 24,550 ha, an increase of 12,200 ha from in 2010 (12,350 ha), six river dams, 30 electric pumping stations, 983,925km of canals and 93.68km of water pipelines to irrigate more than 81,200 ha and provide water for daily use, services and key economic sectors with an annual output of more than 35 million cubic meters of water.

Mr. Le Pham Hoa Binh, Director of Ninh Thuan Irrigation Management Co., Ltd, said that some irrigation systems are being built to effectively supply water resources in the near future (such as canals of Tan My irrigation system, canals connecting Song Cai Reservoir with Song Trau, Ba Rau and Ong Kinh reservoirs, Song Than Reservoir and canals connecting Song Than Reservoir with Lanh Ra Reservoir). Once completed, Ninh Thuan's irrigation infrastructure will ensure water security for the province and supply 1,427.77 million cubic meters of water sourced from irrigation projects for economic sectors by 2030.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh assesses the Tan My irrigation system, emphasizing its importance for local water management

With these practical and meaningful contributions, the company has made many impressive achievements. Specifically, the company was awarded Certificates of Merit and Emulation Flags by the Provincial People's Committee in three consecutive years (2015-2017) and four consecutive years (2019-2022); and recognized for completing Trade Union activities. The firm also has excellent achievements in voluntary blood donations while actively encouraging voluntary blood donations. In 2023 alone, the company received the Certificate of Merit for its outstanding contributions to local socioeconomic development at Ninh Thuan Business Meeting in early 2023. It also received this merit for businesses, cooperatives and entrepreneurs from the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee on the Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Day, October 13.

“Those results come from the close attention and direction of the Party Committee, the Provincial People's Committee and relevant agencies, especially the consensus of managers and employees and the consensus of people of impacted areas of State-invested irrigation systems,” he added.

Recognizing challenges, determined to overcome adversities

Building upon its accomplishments, in 2024, Ninh Thuan Irrigation Management Co., Ltd will continue to prioritize key tasks: Effectively managing and operating irrigation projects to provide water for the economic livelihoods of the people and local agricultural production; implementing early forecasts and proposing proactive measures and solutions to ensure water security; formulating production plans for each season and setting specific action goals; collaborating with localities to enhance the understanding of people and businesses about economical water use in production, safeguarding water source safety, and protecting irrigation works; expediting digital transformation and the application of science and technology in the management and operation of irrigation works to supply water for production and rural living.

Binh said, “At present, the company is adhering to the irrigated water pricing structure established by the Government in 2012. However, with over a decade having passed since its implementation, these prices are no longer aligned with the current market rates, which have seen an average annual increase of approximately 4%. Therefore, it is quite difficult to balance funding sources obtained from the provision of public irrigation products and services and other irrigation services to manage, operate, maintain and repair irrigation works; implement legal regulations on dam safety, the Water Resources Law and the Environment Law. Additionally, many people illegally encroach on canals or dump waste into canals. Due to lack of records on canals built long ago, it is hard to determine the boundary of irrigation works to lay the groundwork for settling encroachments.”

The Tan My irrigation system

Nevertheless, resolved to “ride the waves", Ninh Thuan Irrigation Management Co., Ltd always strives to successfully complete its tasks. While focusing on carrying out solutions to best manage and operate irrigation works, ensuring the provision of public irrigation services (including irrigation, drainage for agricultural production and water supply for aquaculture and livestock farming), the company will seek to increase revenue sources from other irrigation services such as water supply for other economic sectors (besides agriculture); combine water supply for hydropower; and operate multi-purpose irrigation projects like combining with aquaculture and developing tourism services at potential reservoirs.

Furthermore, the company will also gradually perfect its operating model; organizational structure, management and internal control; strictly manage State-owned capital and assets; enhance the quality of corporate governance and refine corporate governance methods; establish highly qualified professional management, upgrade technologies, innovation capabilities and modern management according to digital transformation.

“Agriculture, the foundation of social development, is still a seemingly rustic and simple profession as it is often thought about but contains humanity. Consequently, Ninh Thuan Irrigation Management Co., Ltd also hopes that the Provincial People's Committee will continue to have appropriate support policies and invest in synchronous infrastructure construction, enabling the company to foster its role as a “root” for sustainable agricultural development as expected by the government and people,” Binh said.

By Luan Nguyen, Vietnam Business Forum