Anuta Winter Melon Tea: “Heath Guard" in the Summer

4:37:21 PM | 10/19/2018

Long-lasting hot weather dehydrates human body. If the body does not adjust or adapt soon enough, it will cause negative effects on human health. Therefore, to cool, refresh the body and ensure good health, many people trust and use bottled delicious, nutritious beverages of natural origin. And, Anuta Winter Melon Tea of Bidrico has become the top choice of consumers.

While rampantly contaminated foods in the market are seriously harming human health and life, smart consumers are gradually shifting to use natural foods and drinks, including winter melon tea because, in addition to natural sweet-smelling flavours, it also contains many essences that help cool and purify the body. This is very good for human health.

Winter melon is scientifically demonstrated to contain water, no fat and very low sodium content, it is therapeutically good for curing many diseases such as arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, blood pressure and nephritis. According to traditional medicine, winter melon is lightly sweet and cool, functions to cool down body heat, dissolve sputum, cool intestines, detoxify the body and defat the body. It also contains a high content of vegetable oil good for skin and hair. Especially, parts of winter melon such as seed, phloem, branch, vine, leave and flower can be used as medicine and daily food.

Being very good for health, Vietnamese people have long used winter melon to make food or juice to refresh the body and improve health. However, it takes time and effort to process this drink while there is no certainty that the original nutrients are kept intact. Seeking a solution to this quiz, Bidrico introduced natural Anuta Winter Melon Tea onto the market. This drink features natural nutrition that functions to inhibit oxidation, purify and refresh the body in hot summer days.

Blended from natural ingredients including winter melon, water and sugar, Anuta Winter Melon Tea is made from modern production lines powered by advanced European technologies to retain original tastes and essences of winter melon and ensure absolute pasteurisation. Besides, Bidrico has actively applied an advanced quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001-2008, HACCP, FDA, FCE and SID standards to make sure that the product meets the most rigorous quality and food safety requirements. That is the reason why Anuta Winter Melon Tea received good feedback from the market and consumers.

Bidrico General Director Nguyen Dang Hien said that, with the slogan “Anuta Winter Melon Tea - Febrifugal and Cooling your Body”, Bidrico wants to bring a refreshing and cooling drink to consumers in the summer. Made with a closed production process and based on a special processing formula researched by Bidrico food experts, Anuta Winter Melon Tea is more delicious than squashed winter melon. The juice is stored in 360ml PET bottles, convenient for use anywhere and anytime.

Ms Nguyen Thi My Chau, who resides in Thanh Loc Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, said, “Previously, whenever it was hot for a long time, I used to buy ingredients to cook cooling drinks for my whole family such as ginseng water and sugar-based juice or squeeze fruits to make drinks like winter melon juice, water melon juice and grapefruit juice. However, when I got busier with my business, I did not have much time to do this. Therefore, I decided to switch to use bottled drinks made from natural ingredients instead. After searching the internet and consulting my friends on refreshing and cooling drinks good for our health, I decided to choose Anuta Winter Melon Tea of Bidrico for my whole family. The bottled drink is convenient to use, delicious, lightly sweet and typical of winter melon flavours. All my family love it very much. It is more delicious when it is served cold. Thus, I usually keep it in my fridge for handy use.”

Anh Dao