Vinh Phuc Accelerating, Uplifting Foreign Affairs in New Context

2:11:49 PM | 8/10/2019

The Vinh Phuc Provincial Party Committee hosted an online conference on Directive 25/2018 of the Party Central Secretariat on promoting and raising multilateral foreign relations to 2030 and Directive 32/2019 of the Politburo on strengthening and improving the effectiveness of the Party's external relations in the new context.

Directive 25/2018 is the Party's first directive on the country's multilateral foreign affairs, making them a task of the entire political system, a leading strategic approach and an effective way to successfully deliver two strategic tasks of building and defending the Fatherland. The directive also defines objectives for multilateral foreign affairs in the coming time: Striving to play a key leading or mediating role in multilateral forums and organizations of strategic importance to the country, and match specific capabilities and conditions to empower and promote national interests. To achieve this goal, the directive sets forth six main guidelines and seven groups of tasks and solutions to consistently deploy multilateral foreign affairs in economics, politics, defense, security, society, environment, education and training.

The meeting also discussed some basic contents of Directive 32/2019, focusing on assessing the Party’s position and role in foreign relations and mindset evolution in the Party's foreign affairs; outcomes of executing Party external relations; four experience lessons, five guidelines and five groups of key tasks and solutions to enhance the Party's external relations in the new context. Mr. Tran Van Vinh, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Council, asked Party committees to practically and effectively carry out Directive 25/2018 and Directive 32/2019 on foreign affairs. The enforcement of the two directives needs to follow practical reality of agencies, units and localities, as well as define central contents and solutions.

Ngoc Anh