First Vietnamese appointed as Cluster President of Schneider Electric

3:48:44 PM | 4/1/2021

Schneider Electric - the global specialist in digital transformation of energy management and automation officially unveiled Mr. Dong Mai Lam as the Cluster President of Schneider Electric Vietnam and Cambodia, starting from January 1st, 2021.

On his new appointment, Mr. Dong Mai Lam will be accountable for managing and implementing the Company's strategic initiatives, ensuring the efficiency of Schneider Electric's business operations in Vietnam and Cambodia markets. Additionally, he will continue to lead and promote the –“Life is On” strategy in Vietnam & Cambodia, thereby driving a change in how individuals and organizations using energy, enhancing industrial process automation solutions as well as improving the quality of commercial decisions and the quality of life.

Mr. Dong Mai Lam was the very first Vietnamese Cluster President of Schneider Electric. This appointment is part of Schneider Electric's long-term strategy of localization to have a balance, a synchronization between its people and the businesses around the world by being well-balanced such as strategically place the executive management in geographic hubs, closer to our customers and employees as well as the R&D, manufacturing and balancing business revenues among different regions in the world. Hence, the unmatched proximity to local business enables Schneider Electric to better understand, anticipate and adapt with agility to support local business continuity. Local leadership are fully empowered to make the right decision for local customers and deliver excellent customer service. In other words, Schneider Electric aspires to be the most local of global companies everywhere Mr. Dong Mai Lam, who has been working at Schneider Electric for nearly 20 years, acquires extensive experience in both Vietnamese and international markets. He was the first person to set up the first Customer Care and Logistics function of Schneider Electric Vietnam since the early 2000s. He also led Commercial & Industrial Building, infrastructure markets in Vietnam with an impressive double-digit growth rate before holding the Country President position of Schneider Electric Laos and Country General Manager of Schneider Electric Myanmar. Before returning to Vietnam, Mr. Lam was in charge of Channel, AMSP & Operational Marketing for Medium Voltage Business of Schneider Electric Australia and New Zealand.

Mr. Dong Mai Lam shared about his new position: I am very glad to return to Vietnam and work side by side with my colleagues to contribute to the Industrial Revolution 4.0 as well as the sustainable and efficient development in all fields via the latest digital solutions in energy management and automation of Schneider Electric”.

With his enriching experience and local market insights, Mr. Lam is expected to help Schneider Electric maintain and expand its growth in Vietnam and Cambodia as well as bringing the company breakthrough solutions, affirming Schneider Electric's position as the global specialist in digital transformation of energy management and automation.

Thu Ha (Vietnam Business Forum)