"Green Steppe": Spring Is Just Round the Corner

2:46:27 PM | 12/31/2021

An Hao eco-tourism area is always beautiful and attractive throughout all seasons, but it is probably the most beautiful at the end of the year. It is the time between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, this is also the moment when heaven and earth are bustling in the love song of changing seasons, when the tourist area is put on a new colorful shirt. An Hao eco-tourism area is transformed with pure beauty and countless young buds reaching out to welcome the sun.

Lifting the veil of gloomy clouds of the pandemic, the energetic green steppe is surprisingly beautiful in the early spring. 

A whole spring space on An Hao eco-tourism area

Enjoying the fortune of the steppe

Perfect color on the green steppe

When traveling to An Hao eco-tourism area, you also have the opportunity to see each field of green grass, colorful flower beds jubilantly blooming, from hydrangea flowers, periwinkle flowers, aster amellus to crimson bougainvillea and beautiful roses, forming a wall of flowers as if it brings the whole spring to this place. Not far from that is the splendid "Thien Canh Lake" like emeralds in the morning light, symbolizing the endless beauty of the mountainous areas. 

These days, when coming to An Hao eco-tourism area, visitors feel more and more clearly the fluttering breath of spring, weaving in the scattered cold at the end of winter. The eco-tourism area resounds with low-pitched music, springtime is leaning on the wings of swallows flying in the middle of thousands of thousands, gathering together, blending in the warm rays of the sun in the early days of spring.

The whole space wakes up in the early spring, the pure climate, the green nature of the mountains and forests help visitors to wash away the dust of the earth, peacefully carrying out the 5K message, enjoying a peaceful and happy season with their family and friends.

Immersed in nature

Standing on the water tower to watch the sheep grazing under the golden sunshine, makes you think of a romantic "green steppe". The white clouds floating around the mountain appear right in front of you, sketching a very poetic ink wash picture.

If in the past, many people often chose to go on long trips in spring, but with the current epidemic situation, people tend to return to nature, to breathe fresh air, to find peace of mind within their souls. Thus, An Hao eco-tourism area is an ideal choice for many tourists.

Discovering the source of spiritual culture

It can be said that An Hao eco-tourism area is the most unique destination this spring. The reason is that in addition to being comfortable to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, visitors also have the opportunity to meditate and explore the spiritual-cultural source on That Son peak. With its legendary relics which seem forever to be secrets such as: "Thach Thu Buddha ", Temple of Son Than, Linh Thuu Mount, and many magnificent caves, this is considered a treasure of the mountain - forest - gas gathering in a sacred place, which investors have promptly discovered, on the occasion of celebrating the spring of 2022 – the year of Tiger.

Temple of Son Than

Welcoming the guests who are peaceful and happy to return to the Buddha realm is the presence of a kaleidoscopic landscape, winding along the aisles, connecting the route from the tourism area to the legendary relic of "Buddha's Hand". From here, visitors will begin their journey to find the source of the nation’s spirit.

Lurking in the magical mist, wrapped in a young green mountain is the shape of Son Than Temple. From there, visitors will be able to offer incense, pay respects to the gods, and ask for blessings for their families ahead of the new spring. What could be more wonderful than starting a year with such a wonderful peaceful moment.

 The fossil of Buddha's hand

When spring comes, going to "the Heaven of sun and flower", a sacred place, is a good way to find peace and to feel the quintessence of heaven and earth. The Spring holiday will become more complete and fortunate when visitors are immersed in An Hao eco-tourism area.

An Hao eco-tourism area is located at the foot of Cam Mountain, An Hao commune, Tinh Bien district. This is the twin product of Sao Mai Solar Power Plant invested by Sao Mai Group. The tourism area is the ultimate combination between the beauty of the energetic steppe and the eco-tourism model. Travelers will enjoy a new feeling and unforgettable experience when coming to the West and checking in An Giang.

Thuy Ngan (Vietnam Business Forum)