Experiencing Japanese-styled Art of "Forest Bathing" at Tra Su Melaleuca Forest

10:24:51 AM | 3/5/2022

Japanese-styled forest bathing is a mind-relaxing therapy to get rid of depressions with nature. The term Japanese "Shinrin Yoku" means “taking in the forest atmosphere with all your senses” or “Forest bathing”.

In Vietnam, you can absolutely find an ideal space for this experience right in Tra Su Melaleuca Forest in Tinh Bien district, An Giang province. Spending the weekend here to enjoy the beautiful scenery and find serenity in nature is the best “refresh button” to regain balance.

International tourists are excited to experience the "Forest Bathing" Art in Tra Su

Solutions for better life quality

Modern life is busy and moving, especially in the new normal. Each of us has to work hard and try persistently to make up for the damage caused by the epidemic. Once caught up in a chaotic, stressful situation, it is difficult to live comfortably. Therefore, improving life quality, even raising the Happy Planet Index (HPI) – a measure of human well-being and environmental impact, is increasingly important to society.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine and the greatest Greek physician, once wrote “Sickness does not suddenly fall on us but develops gradually from petty mistakes against nature. When mistakes accumulate enough, the disease will suddenly emerge.” Evidently, many sick people always feel anxious and tired because they lack connection with nature. Just by giving yourself real access to the natural world, you can restore this connection.

Since then, Tra Su Melaleuca Forest has gradually become a bridge that opens up the sense and spiritual therapy of connecting people with nature. Just knowing how to nourish your soul and enhance good mental health, you will surely always be optimistic, love your own life and work more effectively than others. A day in Tra Su, when the whole forest wakes up, it will spread exciting and peaceful energy to visitors.

Beholding the sunrise from the "city of pigeons"

Tra Su forest bathing

Forest bathing in Tra Su does not mean taking a shower in the middle of the forest but it is an art of connecting with nature with all your senses to completely immerse your body and soul in Mother Nature. The itinerary to the green forest to add more colors to your life will bring balance, unlock inspiration and release positive energy inside your body.

Tra Su is a place where you can sense fragrant Melaleuca flowers, enjoy the fresh air, watch ancient tall Melaleuca trees shading on the water surface, listen to singing birds and feel the cool breeze from your refreshed skin. That moment is amazing as it seems that all your senses are fully awakened and you begin to completely connect with the natural world of the Melaleuca forest.

Immense green is ready to share, discard all sorrows

Connecting with nature right in every breath, every heartbeat is comfortable and refreshed. Experiences in this green forest not only enhance physical health but also improve mental health. Therefore, international tourists from South Korea, China, Taiwan and the United States prefer ecotourism and mingle with immense green, so they often choose Tra Su Melaleuca Forest as a stopover whenever they have the opportunity to come to An Giang.

With a warm and hospitable heart, a western girl is skillfully rowing a boat while slowly guiding visitors whenever they reach each unique and special place along their journey. Tearing away the green duckweed carpet to slowly enter a fairy paradise, you are about to let nature engulf your body through all the senses.

In springtime, green duckweeds are drifting around the boat. Strangely, the morning dew is still flying after dawn, the reddish sun is rising out of the flying clouds from the distant horizon. Layer by layer of green duckweeds creates an extremely eye-catching color palette. When the sun is mildly high, duckweeds turn to be fresh green, sometimes slightly yellowish. In the afternoon, when visitors like to take pictures with duckweed most, the late-day golden sunshine shines on the velvety green duckweed, painting a fanciful and magical space.

You will be surprised by water chickens in jade-colored feathers running briskly on unfolding lotus leaves. Sometimes, there are flocks of birds boldly swooping onto your hands as they are familiar with humans before flying high to the air. Along water paths, you will see birds making nests on tree branches. More rarely, you will see young birds practice flying and chirping, extremely lovely.

Birds gather to sing love songs on idle days

Endowed with the magical beauty of a lovely green forest, Tra Su Melaleuca Forest has long played an important role in protecting the living environment for many rare and precious species of flora and fauna, purifying the air-conditioning system for the That Son region. Today, the Tra Su Melaleuca Forest Tourist Area has kept adorning a new look, further diversifying tourism products attractive to tourists, especially internationals, because of the unique charm of the longest cross-forest bamboo bridge in Vietnam, the city of pigeons, Kieu Bridge, Trong Mai House, colorful flower gardens and many other miniatures.

  Tourists freely express their love for nature in the world of their own

Hurry up to present your beloved ones with a gift of “travel experience” predicted to be a popular tourism trend in 2022. After experiencing the art of forest bathing in Tra Su, you will surely feel very relaxed, leisureful deep in your soul. Apparently, like other visitors all over the world, you will not want to depart this enchanting natural beauty.

By Lan Anh, Vietnam Business Forum