100% Customs Documents to Be Digitized

9:27:08 AM | 5/31/2022

The customs sector is determined to complete building smart customs by 2030, according to the Customs Digital Transformation Plan to 2025 and further to 2030.

The sector will also achieve other important goals to move towards smart customs: All customs documents will be digitized; all key international ports and border gates will be installed with automatic cargo monitoring and management systems, equipped with a cargo and baggage scanning system, a camera surveillance system and customs supporting devices. Results, images, and information are transmitted directly to centralized customs processing centers and shared with relevant ministries, branches, and units at the border gate.

All high-risk commodities transported by containers are subject to customs supervision, monitored by modern technical means, and their data is connected to centralized customs processing centers.

All overland border gates are installed with pre-declared export and import information reception and processing systems before transport means cross border gates. All prioritized enterprises, export processors, outsourcers and export manufacturers connect and share production management data with customs authorities.

The sector will improve the effectiveness of tax debt management. 100% of importers and exporters with tax debts will be automatically monitored and updated on the customs electronic system. 100% of customs control records are digitized.

At least 95% of companies are satisfied with customs administrative procedures, including access to and settlement of customs administrative procedures, as well as service of customs officers.

By Hien Le, Vietnam Business Forum